Sumana G.

Sumana G.

Software developer

Bengaluru , India

Experience: 1 Year


Bengaluru , India

Software developer

8400 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

1 Year

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About Me

I did internship at Silvan Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd. This is IOT based company.. 

Currently I am working at Silvan Innovation Labs Pvt. Ltd. from march 2020. 

As a Fronte...

As a Frontend Developer I can work. 

My skills are - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular 4, Dart.

Building an app in Android as well as in Visual Stdio Code using Flutter


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Portfolio Projects

Building Automation Using IOT


Building Automation Using IOT


Frontend Developer


A customer can give the instruction form the dashboard (In which the light and the AC modules are design) to the micro-controller for the accessibility of their requirements.

          If customer wants to turn on the light or the AC, he/ she simply click on the icon which is design in dashboard.

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