Mohamed S.

Mohamed S.

Windows System Administrator

Chennai , India

Experience: 4 Years


Chennai , India

Windows System Administrator

21120 USD / Year

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4 Years

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About Me



Windows Server:

·       Installing and configuring the windows server 2008 and 2012

·       Domain Creation and AD configuration site wi...

·       Domain Creation and AD configuration site wise

·       DHCP Configuration

·       WDS server installation and configuration

·       WSUS server installation and configuration

·       File server and DFS server implantation and configuration



·       Discovery Methods &Boundary Creation

·       Create Custom task sequence

·       Image capture

·       Monitoring & Reporting

·       Inventory & Software Metering

·       Configuration management & Compliance

·       Create Compliance for unwanted Administrator access

·       OS Migration (Windows 7 to Windows 10) & Windows 10 Build version upgrading.




·       MDT server installation

·       Software deployment and OS deployment using Litetouch

·       Create task sequence

·       Image capture




·       Created & Implemented tools to easily repair WMI and SCCM clients remotely.

·       Maintained SCCM client troubleshooting skills on the Windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10 OS platforms 1,000+ desktops in various Sites, and images for multiple sites.

·       Provided direct technical SCCM support (remote and/or in-person) for Remote solution.

SCCM console, software distribution & trouble shooting:

·       Ability to manage packages, collections and assignments in the SCCM console.

·       Deployment of all Software’s and Scripts

·       Worked deployment of Windows build versions to all Systems and laptops

Script Writing (PowerShell):

·       Collecting the Asset information

·       Colleting the Installed software details

·       HP systems BIOS Configuration

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Portfolio Projects

OS Migration


OS Migration


On Site (Sutherland Global Services)

Dec 2016 to Mar 2017 (Full Time)


Description: BIZ planned to migrate all user’s OS (Windows-7 Pro to Win-10 Pro). Self-lead the help desk team along with co-ordinate with all programs SPOC and 0% without escalation and data loss from SD

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Windows OS



CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) Implementation


CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Action) Implementation


On Site (Sutherland Global Services)

Dec 2017 to Mar 2018 (Full Time)


Description: This Project is assigned to review an implement the gaps found by info-sec team during their Technical Auditing for the BPO process for my origination as this gap are unable to closed alone by info-sec team. So, these gaps were taken collectively as a project and it was assigned to me.

·       Apply local logon policy

·       Training Room open internet connectivity should be removed

·       URLs used for trouble shooting and training purposes should be white listed at websense gateway

·       Lab room open internet connectivity should be removed

·       Program wise, up-to-date Asset inventory

·       OS hardening

·       EPO integration

·       Restriction on OWA access on personal mobile phone

·       Removal of Historic Data from Desktop/Laptop

·       External Storage ports disabled

·       BIOS Password Enabled

·       Copy/paste, notepad, sticky notes, paint, saving ability, printing, snipping tool to be disabled

·       Disable local drives(D) as per business justification

·       Physical locks on CPU

·       Antivirus Installed with latest DAT

·       Updated patch and install (MS, Adobe, Java, etc.)

·       No unauthorized software’s on workstations

·       No admin rights to users on both laptops/desktops

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