Amruthesh T.

Amruthesh T.

I Have 3.1 Years of Experience in Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Mobile Application Testing,

Bangalore , India

Experience: 3 Years


Bangalore , India

I Have 3.1 Years of Experience in Manual Testing, Automation Testing, Mobile Application Testing,

11657.1 USD / Year

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3 Years

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About Me

▪ Totally 3.1 years of experience in Manual and Automation Testing (Product/System/Functional/Manual) in as a Software Test Engineer.

▪ Having good knowledge UPP (IMS), IDEN (2G) wireless technologies and testing experience in call pro...

▪ Having good knowledge of Software Testing Life Cycle, Ability to understand the feature requirement and writing & execution of test cases and raising & tracking defects.

▪ Keen to learn new things and willing to work in any part of product lifecycle which adds business value and creates new possibilities for the product of the future.

▪ Experience in Selenium Web driver using Core Java.

▪ Expertise in testing applications on android, and Web platforms.

▪ Proficient in identifying test scenarios and documenting test cases.

▪ Sound experience of Black Box, Sanity, Smoke, Functional and User Acceptance Testing.

▪ Proficient in Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing, Ad-hoc testing.

▪ Good knowledge of Bug life cycle.

▪ Extensive knowledge on Agile based Methodology.

▪ Good knowledge on product owner, scrum and scrum team.

▪ Good knowledge on scrum process.

▪ Excellent communicator with interpersonal, quick learning, versatile, adaptable and process-oriented skills.

▪ Knowledge on Planning, Designing, Build and Maintain Test Automation Frameworks (Data-Driven and Keyword-Driven, Hybrid Model).

▪ Types of locators in selenium by id, by name, by X-Paths, by CSS selector etc.

  • Implemented test automation scripts for mobile testing using Appium for Android and iOS applications.
  • Developed automation scripts for Mobile Native applications on iOS and Android platforms using Appium and Java .
  • Used Appium to facilitate mobile testing by creating mobile Driver class with the required Mobile capabilities.

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Portfolio Projects


Testing Engine subsystems, Test article Data Acquisition Systems are required for acquiring parameters (Pressure, Temperature, Flow and Voltage) for analysis. To carry out hot test in the test facility, Data acquisition system signal conditioner with built-in digitizer is to be realized at IPRC.

The Data Acquisition System with Built in Digitizer is a Modular approach with failure proof redundant system. The redundant system is a duplicate of the main system. If any malfunction occurs in the main system then the system switch to redundant system with negligible delay time, so the whole system works with the back-up system ensuring no data loss.

The “The Data Acquisition System with Built in Digitizer” will amplify the sensor low level signal and digitize with redundancy for analysis as per the finalized configurations.

The System is designed to amplify the output from sensors (like Pressure, Temperature RTD/TC, Flow and Voltage) low level signals through Programmable built in Signal conditioners with Digitization and isolation. Necessary Excitation for the sensor is also provided from the signal conditioner.

Amplified sensor signals are filtered as per the required filter bandwidth and are to be continuously acquired through Main/Redundant Digital Sections. The signals are transferred through Ether CAT to the Master Controller. Instantaneous values are to be transferred to Server through TCP-IP for Storage and engineering unit conversion. Converted data is again transmitted to display unit through Multicast UDP for on-line data or trend display. An analog output (2 Nos) of the built-in signal conditioner is fed to other systems for control purposes. Acquisition system is to be implemented in a Linux environment-based Acquisition software, Online display and offline processing software.

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My role as a tester was to deal with preparing and executing test cases and presenting a detailed report about the percentage of failed, pass, NA and blocked checks. This is accompanied with a list of all bugs/tickets filed in the defect tracking tool. During this testing cycle we also make sure to check-in with the developers regarding any issue and to provide them with as much info as possible which includes screenshots, logs, Videos etc. At the end of the cycles, once all issues have been fixed or resolved we run a quick sanity before rolling out the project.

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