Bharathi D.

Bharathi D.

DevOps/AWS Cloud engineer

Visakhapatnam , India

Experience: 3 Years


Visakhapatnam , India

DevOps/AWS Cloud engineer

30000 USD / Year

  • Start Date / Notice Period end date: 2020-01-20

3 Years

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About Me

IT professional with 3+ years experience in DevOps/AWS Cloud Technology and Responsible to manage AWS Cloud infrastructure,Cloud based components,System administration,Tool configurations,Ensure code quality,Testing,Developing automation solutions...

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Portfolio Projects

Citi grouop


Citi grouop


I used to be managing tasks in both AWS and DevOps.

Having complete hands on experience in launching EC2s and configuring autoscaling with web servers to provide high availability to data.

Extensively worked with IAM user and group accounts with limited privileges to individual users as well as groups in the process of maintaining less expenditure and high security.

Well versed in IAM roles, enabling multifactor authentication, and aware of all password policies.

Having hands on experience in S3 bucket like ACLs, enabled versioning at bucket level to recover objects and object-lock to protect objects from accidental deletion.

Enabled CRR to have exact copy of data in another region’s bucket & to replicate the same environment in another region.

Extensively used transfer acceleration in the process of migration of data to S3 bucket.

Worked with Route53 like purchasing domain names from AWS as well as from other websites.

Created record sets to assign load balancer’s difficult DNS name with user friendly domain name.

Integrated SNS at auto scaling level and Route53’s level to get notifications.

Worked with Chef Cookbooks and Chef Recipes to automate infrastructure as a code (IAC).

Good experience in all kinds of docker instructions in docker file.

Extensively Worked with Docker images like pulling images from docker hub, creating images from docker file, also from docker containers.

Well experienced in creating containers from docker images as well as from our own images.

Experienced with volume mappings and port mappings.

Setting up of docker registry server.

Extensively used Cloud Watch monitoring service, monitored many things and configured cloud watch alarms to take necessary actions whenever required and to maintain high availability by reducing downtime.

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AWS DevOps

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Created VPC from the scratch, defined IP ranges in VPC to have better control over VPC.

Created Public and Private Subnets for proper segregation of web servers and database servers to provide high level security.

Migrated all the object storage to S3 Buckets and Created IAM role with S3 full access and attached to EC2s to access data without credentials.

Mounted EFS (Elastic File System) with EC2s to have one common storage.

Configured SNS (Simple Notification Service) at auto scaling level and route53’s level to get notifications mainly in case of server failures and VPC failures.

Configured all in Auto Scaling Groups and Launch Configurations.

Launched Web servers in public SNs through Auto scaling and connected to load balancer.

Provided network to public SNs through Internet Gateways and Route tables.

Launched DB servers in Private SNs and provided internet through NAT server in a secured manner.

Opened MYSQL port in database servers to all the public subnets.

Launched Bastion/Jump server in Public SNs to have ssh connection into the DB servers which are present in private subnets.

Assigned Load balancers difficult DNS name to ROUTE53’s user friendly domain name.

Enabled NACLs (Network Access Control Lists) at both public and private subnet levels to restrict and to allow Ports in providing high security.

Installed and configured GIT and GitHub in organization, Well versed in managing SCM repositories like Git, GitHub

Installed and configured Jenkins in both windows and in Linux machine.Installed and configured java as pre-requisite to install Jenkins and Integrated many tools with Jenkins like Git, Maven/Ant, JUnit/Selenium, Tomcat webservers.

Configured build tools like Maven/Ant and Integrated with Jenkins.Installed many plug-ins like GitHub, Ant, check style, JUnit, Deploy to container, and build-pipeline.

Created free style projects, maven projects and configured upstream projects.Configured Scheduled projects by enabling POLL SCM to run projects frequently

Established complete pipeline workflow starting from pulling source code from git repository till deploying end-product into Tomcat server.

Established complete Jenkins CI-CD pipeline and automated complete workflow of build and delivery pipeline.

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