Prateek K.

Prateek K.

Computer Engineer with 18+ years industry experience

Bengaluru , India

Experience: 18 Years


Bengaluru , India

Computer Engineer with 18+ years industry experience

48000 USD / Year

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18 Years

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About Me

·        Graduate Engineer (B.Tech.(Hons) in Computer Science and Engineering) from IIT Kharagpur.

·        18 years experience in the technology industry.

·        Management exposure including project lead...

·        Management exposure including project leadership, customer relationship management , crisis management, knowledge management and business process management. Recipient of Certification on Project Management.

·        IEEE Certified Software Professional (2005)

·        Multiple patent filings [e.g., 12/436,039 , 12/869,642 , 2012/027697 , 13/167,422 , 13/946540, 13/764,792]

·        Worked on diverse platforms and technologies including J2EE, Middleware, BigData, MachineLearning, Oracle technologies, C++, Java, .NET,  EDA and Mainframes. Exposure to complete software lifecycle.

·        Recipient of number of professional certifications

·        Written 2 books titled ‘The Java Book’ [ISBN: 81-780-6032-9 (2005 edn.)] and ‘The WAP Book’ [ISBN:81-780-6034-5] which have been published by Ms. Pustak Mahal (Pvt.) Ltd.

·        Diversified onsite exposure across all 5 continents including USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Australia, Japan, Thailand, France, Finland, United Kingdom, Spain, Chile and Egypt.

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Portfolio Projects




-   Created a software product for video analytics using deep learning.

     -   Created a software product to carry out analysis of raw genome data obtained in any popular

    format(23andme,detect,ftdna,decodeme,ancestry or geno2) so as to identify potential health

    implications and diseases based on SNP detection

-   Developed a software module (SubletManager) which enables end to end visual management

    of property/real estate utilization for diverse application including hostel, warehouse, office,  

    coworking etc. 

                              -   Developed a software product (FinControl) for financial management in Medium and Small

    Scale Enterprises. This software is fully GST compliant and can be easily customized in

    multiple languages as per requirement.

-   Created a software utility Lingo for bulk translation of documents from one language to one or

     more languages. For example English documents to French, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi or

     French documents to Japanese , Korean and Chinese. The translation service includes support

     for braille translation and sign language glyph generation for the input documents in any


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Development of Software Products and Services across technologies and domains


Development of Software Products and Services across technologies and domains


Development of siftware products and services across technologies and domains

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Electronic Design Automation

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Deep Learning Model generation


Deep Learning Model generation


Creating deep learning models from transactional data

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