Ray F.

Ray F.

Expert Cyber Security, Data Management, IT Professional

Chicago , United States

Experience: 20 Years


Chicago , United States

Expert Cyber Security, Data Management, IT Professional

115200 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

20 Years

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About Me

Executive Information Security/Business Analyst with 20+ years of Accounting, Finance, Business and IT experience in the cyber security, communications, manufacturing production and financial industries. An adept,...

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Portfolio Projects


·Improved security posture alignment with in compliance with NIST and FISMA guidelines base-lining

·Hunted, anPerformed daily system, networking, virtualization and net-admin functions on system state

·Generated briefings and departmental reports on patches, updates/upgrades and remediation

·Compiled regulatory documentation regarding vulnerabilities, RBDs (risk based decisions), patch systems delivery and network pushes through tools such as Tivoli and SCCM

·HITECH/HIPAA/PCI liaison utilizing privacy and protection laws in accordance with regulatory compliance

·Business Intelligence Analysis, Business Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis and Assessment and SOX complianceauditing, implementations and review including fieldwork and reports

·Communicated IT security policy to executive leadership as determined through CISO and CTO Chief as well as end user documentation, cyber security best practices, phishing, email, etc...

·Conducted briefingsto include vulnerabilities, remediation through testing, auditing, analysis and implementation of network operations and financial systems based on database, schema, and organization technical and functional needsfor training and performance outcomes

·Created end-user operations manuals based on reporting of functional and technical business requirements criteria

·Red Hat Linux complete technical functionality, servers , workstations, satellite etc...

·Provision of comprehensive insights regarding security protocols, deployment, revisions, implementation and compiled documentation regarding systems and processes

·Conducted analysis, auditing, deployed actions, implementations, remediation and compiled reporting based on requirements of GAO, NIST, NERC-CIP, COBIT5, FISMA, Department of National Security, Department of State and Secretary of Veteran Affairs

·Supported CRISP IT Presidential/Congressional Mandate-Continuous Readiness in Information Security Program with total annual cyber security budget of over $17Billion

·Selected by Presidential Mandate for the CRISP(Continuous Readiness in Information Security Project)and presented best practices policy, standards, guidelines and procedures.

·Professionally cultivated and groomed by elite Cyber Command personnel within the USA military

·Specialized in cyber security network design, vulnerability analysis, remediation and continuous monitoring

·alyzed, mitigated and remediated vulnerabilities, incidents anomalous to baselines, malware signatures, heuristics, etc…

·Current Security Clearance type: Public-Trust

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·Create end-user operations manuals based on functional and technical business criteria

·Provision of comprehensive documentation regarding systems and processes, training materials and instructions delivery for all stake holders -internal and external

·Queried end-user’s on system technical specifications, functionality in order to identify existing and potentially desired features for future as well as revised software change management

·Mapping and migration of data for purposes of reporting to C-Suite and external stake holders

·Empowered Not-for-Profit organizations through professional, cyber secured IT services with Salesforce.com

·Documented policies, procedures,database schema and organizational outline regardingtechnical and functional needs according to and for regulatory compliances such as FISMA, NIST, OWASP, Sarbanes-Oxley, HITECH, PCI and HIPAA

·Delivered real-time analysis, insight and value via current and emerging web technologies

·Debriefed and interviewed end-users for purposes of information gathering, compilation of training materials

·Determined and compiled complex criteria reports briefings and departmental operations procedures on business process improvement based through security auditing, analysis, testing of network operations and financial systems

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International Business, Government Policy and Management of Information Security Systems

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·Antivirus, forensics, malware, traffic analysis, switches, routers, VPN, system hardening, Linux, Windows, Mac

·Created and produced policies, data dictionaries, documentation, internal/external modification of SQL queries

·Process owner subject matter expert for implementation of antivirus, firewalls, forensics, DMZ, malware, machine language, network traffic and threat modeling analysis

·Supported $17Trillion dollar government and private utilities contracts including critical infrastructure

·Streamlinedcyber security operations, authorization, authentication and accounting utilizing past, current as well as emerging technological resourceswithin the risk management framework, cyber kill chain and lifecycle

·Analysis and auditing of customer accounting/software procurement and secureapplications access needs for Utilities Industry

·Acted as point of contact resolution liaison regardingtrainingissues of Accounting and Finance as applied toNetwork Security and Financial Systems: IT security, functional, technical and business

·Delivered best in class customer service for utility procurement per policy for product lines, with total assets and annual revenue in excess of $10Billion

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·Conducted data analysis of millions of tourism/hospitality account records daily for the express purpose of assisting V/P of Reporting and Statistics in the decision making process

·Fulfillment of various daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual, and annual reporting request

·Creation of pivot-tables, document templates, and data dictionaries communication of supply chain logistic elements

·Analysis and auditing of Financial Controls, PCI and IT Security & Operations related operations for Sarbanes-Oxley

·Data extraction, mining, mapping, analysis, verification and executive reporting

·Liaison from functional departments to IT training regarding system functionality, security, technical production and privacy/internet usage policy through personally instructing corporate training sessions on password creation, locking out systems when not at workstation, etc……

·Identification of $8 million in monthly revenue losses including corrective measures

·Created and produced database query reports per departmental request, modification of SQL queries, and provision of overall database support for all existing department

·Designed SQL queries to extract tera, peta and zeta data in tourism/hospitality account records daily for customer accounts for bookings, reservations, revenue, reporting, operations, customer account management and maintenance in excess of $175Million annually

·Managed daily transactional megadata(BIG DATA) consisting of millions of financial and PII records, commissions, SOX, HIPAA, Grahmm Leach Bliley, Red Flag and SEC compliance reporting requirements

·Generated over $150,000 in man hour labor savings via one SQL UPDATE query

·Performed Forensic Accounting analysis assisting, internal/external reporting (including SEC 10K and 10Q) Financial Statements, Financial, Operational and IT auditing (SarBox internal controls compliancefor Section 404)

·Compiled policy bookings, briefings and departmental operations training manuals and procedure reports based on complex Financial/SEC regulatory compliance

·Assisted in 10K and 10Q filing for public entities with over $75Mil in annual revenue

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·Set-up of new customer supply chain distribution purchasing accounts, modification of SQL queries, and provision of overall IT-Financial Systems support for all existing departments

·Daily auditing of refrigerated warehouse operations and IT related functions to purchasing, inventory control and supply chain distribution through financial reporting

·Point-of-Contact fulfillment of reporting requirements for multi-million dollar transportationsupply chainlogistics and refrigerated warehousing contracts through custom SQL scripting, data analysis and IT Auditing

·Created SQL database queries per departmental information request while reporting directly to CIO with 24-48 hour turn-around on query request having been created, produced and verified

·Corporate trainer for business functional, technical and cyber security best practices including development of training materials, delivery methodology and evaluation outcomes

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