Andre Q.

Andre Q.

Full stack developer

Rio de Janeiro - RJ , Brazil

Experience: 6 Years


Rio de Janeiro - RJ , Brazil

Full stack developer

72000 USD / Year

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6 Years

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About Me

A focused developer who enjoys delivering the simplest solutions to the toughest problems. Love to take daily steps to increase my own productivity and the entire team like writing clean / well-commented code and sharing the new insights I get. I ...

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Portfolio Projects

FullStack Software Developer


FullStack Software Developer


Full-Stack Developer


Participate in the Engineering team as full Stack Developer performing tasks as:
 - Develop business data strategy with Google Analytics
 - Create and maintain new projects
 - Develop new Features
 - Unit tests
 - Debug/fix errors
 - Develop for Zendesk help center portals
 - Code Review on GitHub
 - Code Refactoring

Technology stack: 
 - NodeJs
 - Javascript
 - Jquery
 - Express
 - CSS3
 - HTML5
 - Bootstrap
 - MySql
 - Zendesk Developer API
 - Github
 - Google Analytics

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FullStack Software Developer


FullStack Software Developer


OpenLabs is one of the big players on telecommunication technology market.

With more than 60 years and international reach, it has become a unique laboratory where innovation and traditions meets together.

Among all it's products I work in the development of Netwin. An inventory system of inside and outside plant network, provisioning, network services and reports.

Main activities and technologies:

- Java EE development
  - Jboss
  - Tomcat
  - PlayFramework
  - Spring
  - Oracle 11g
  - NGinx
- Frontend development
  - AngularJs
  - Jquery
- Coach / Mentor a Junior developer

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FullStack Software Developer


FullStack Software Developer


I started my career in GPE, a startup with a full Agile culture, developing a web system for academic management to COPPEAD in a scrum team.
Afterwards, I joined Scrum Half developer team (, which builds a tool for scrum projects management.

It's flat hierarchy allowed me to work on various phases of the project, like planning, developing, testing, delivery and support.

Main activities:

- Web Developer in a Scrum team

- Functional and automated tests

-  attend the Product Owner (inside and outside)
- Maintain Linux server in Amazon AWS

Summarized competencies:


-Java EE





-Amazon AWS




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