Jerid C.

Jerid C.

Software Engineer

Texas , United States

Experience: 1 Year


Texas , United States

Software Engineer

1 Year

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About Me

Languages: Python, shell, C/C++

Frameworks: Django/DRF, Ansible, RabbitMQ

Technologies: Git, Docker, QEMU, libvirt, Teamcity, linux

Competencies: OOP, Unit testing,...

Competencies: OOP, Unit testing, Agile/Scrum, Atlassian suite (Jira, Bitbucket, etc)

  • Manage the database; Django models, serializers and viewsets

  • Helped maintain stable dev and production environments using Docker

  • Worked with multiple teams to facilitate project level integration

  • Used Ansible to SSH into the VMs and configure/manage the host machines

  • Worked on in house virtual Traffic Generation Tool for simulations

  • Emulating virtual machines using QEMU and managing their state with libvirt

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Portfolio Projects

Virtual Network Builder


Virtual Network Builder


I worked on the virtualization and API team.


We are building a web based application that virtualizes a network. The network builder has actions that can setup various capablities such as mock traffic generators, DHCP servers, and more.

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