Kaustav C.

Kaustav C.

Overall 18+ years BE hands on technology solutions/consulting in open stack distributed technologies

Kolkata , India

Experience: 17 Years


Kolkata , India

Overall 18+ years BE hands on technology solutions/consulting in open stack distributed technologies

54179.6 USD / Year

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17 Years

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About Me

1) About 18+ years of total hands on experience mainly in java, j2ee, C++, Scala, Golang, Python etc languages and end to end consulting, design & implementation knowledge on enterprise technology solutions mainly Blockchain (like Ethereum, Quoram...

2) Being part of Advanced Digital Technology Architect group with full R&D capability involved in multiple POC projects & business developments, also to assist technology solutions to complex problems across all business verticals.

3) Exceptional capability to quickly learn & apply any new technology across tools or technologies across domains provides greater success & flexibility to adapt to any new business and domains that helps providing creative & cutting age technology solutions.

4) Managing or leading large to small multiple development or maintenance projects/programs of varying complexity throughout entire project lifecycle accomplishing project completion on time with quality delivery.

5) Effective and successful customer handling capability across the globeand quick & strong decision making capability are the key skills which contributes client satisfaction in turn results business growth.

6) Technical Skills

Blockchain : Etherium, Quoram, Hyperledger, Digital Asset, Bigchaindb, Corda etc

Open Source: Akka/Spray Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Framework, Spring Security, Spring Rest/WS, Spring Integration, Spring Batch, Spring Webflow, Jersey, Camel, Hibernate, Ibatis, JMS, Active MQ, Drools, JSF

Security: JWT, JAAS, OpenSSO, OAuth2, OpenID, Digital Signature

Others: Cassandra, MongoDB, DB2, UDB, MySQL, H2, Ansible, Apache Httpd, Nginx Tomcat, JBoss, GIT, SVN, Junit, JMock, PowerMock, Confluence, Jira, Sharepoint, SonarQube, FishEye, Findbugs, Cobertura, PMD, JProfiler, Star UML etc

Languages: Java 8, C++11, Scala, Solidity, Golang, Python, VB, Cobol, html, Javascript, Nodejs, Angularjs, SFDC Apex, SOQL Salesforce,

Cloud Solutions: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Application Servers: Weblogic 11gR2, Websphere, Jboss, Oracle Entitlement Server (OES),

SQL Database : Mysql, Oracle 11gR2, DB2, Sybase etc.

NoSQL Database: Cassandra, MongoDB etc.

Graph Database: Neo4j, Dgraph

OS: Linux, Windows etc

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Portfolio Projects


Building new blockchain based interoperable platform for one of biggest Logistics company in Europe and its customers. Future digital roadmap of the clientis to do all transactions with their customers using blockchain based interoperable platform. This platform-based product can do transaction using w3c standard Verifiable credential based on DID and can inter-connect using multiple blockchain platforms like Quorum, Hyperledger Fabric, Corda etc. This product comprises of mix of blockchain and http based transactions across its ecosystem. Threevariants of product is designed tobuildto support 3D printing and IOT devices support.

• Customer orientation and pre-sales.

• Participating in customer discussions & requirement gathering & technology consulting.

• Defining VC & DID based multi-blockchain interoperable platform

Architecture & Design.

• Product roadmap & plan creation.

• Building and leading a team of 20 members to Implement the proposed design.

• Building integration strategy with legacy applications.

• AI based message transformation for logistics industry which has no standardization in messaging formats.

• Helping the client with required consultation for popularizing and selling the product to its customers to generate new streams of revenue in logistics industry.

• Designing and capacity estimation

• Framework Development

• Development, review & testing

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Conceptualization and development of citizen vault for one of the middle east countrybuilding customized decentralized identity solution based on Ethereum based platform

• Response preparation on RFP.

• Participating in customer discussions & requirement gathering &

technology consulting.

• Defining Architecture.

• Conceptualizing & creating architecture & building DID based ecosystem with general blockchain platform.

• Building framework and POC.

• Kickstarting the project.

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This project is to design & create a big financial network based on Blockchain between multiple banks across geography within a big consortium to replace current Swift messaging system with the backbone of Blockchain system.


• Architecting & designing entire system.

• Client interaction.

• Channelization into large scale development.

• Code review, quality monitoring, security analysis, performance analysis.

• Technology Consulting

• Development of framework and sizing

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There are various new Blockchain platform evolved since the year 2018. This effort was primarily evaluation & exploration of the features and performance of various new platforms to build capability for the practice. It includes appraise the new technologies to the customers and promote them in various business development activities.

• Exploration & Evaluation of features of various new Blockchain platforms.

• Creation of Custom-made Decentralized Identity (DID) Solution.

• Performance analysis of various platforms.

• Building team capability, learning drive within practice.

• RFP, RFI and customer appraisal

• Gap analysis, platform fitment analysis etc.

• Building POC applications to explore platform features.

• Development of Reusable component for quick turn around.

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This engagement was to define a new smart contract languagewhich is inspired by the “Scala syntax” and compiles to the Ethereum virtual machine fork. This is a development of compiler from grammer to byte code generation.


• Analysis & envisioning of Ethereum EVM supported opcodes.

• Designing & developing Grammar & parser using Bison & Flex.

• Designing & developing AST & Semantic Analyzer.

• Designing codegen & datagen visitors

• Designing test harness mechanism.

• Testing & leading team.

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This is a development/Enhancement of Internet Payment Gateway for largest financial company in paymentin advanced solutions group for their business growth in EMEA, APAC & LA region.

In this engagement, I am involved mostly in Germany, India & Australia initiatives in providing architectural solutions and providing technical consultancy to roll out IPG all across EMEA, APAC & LA region with needed features demanded by the businesses of that region.


• Building teams for various geographies.

• Mitigating techno functional issues.

• Providing necessary knowledge transition, helping & guiding the team to scale up to meet business needs.

• Understanding client requirements & providing necessary solutions to meet their business needs.

• UML, RFE/RFI, Technical Architecture & Solution design using open stack technologies for various needs of businesses.

• Review codes for maintaining best in class quality

• Development of code

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This engagement was to do POC for Natural Language Processing using Neural network to scan receipts and various other banking business documents and to summarize data from there to feed into database for reporting.


• Self-learning of Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing.

• Designing & developing using python to create machine learning.

• Designing & developing image processing from documents.

• Implementing full grown POC solution with maximum accuracy.

• Testing & leading team.

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