Vivekkumar L.

Vivekkumar L.

Expert iOS native development using swift as well as objective-c.

Vadodara , India

Experience: 4 Years


Vadodara , India

Expert iOS native development using swift as well as objective-c.

12336 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

4 Years

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About Me

I am having verious domain expieriance like social networking, B2B, other things.


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Portfolio Projects


Evidence management system




Developed iOS Native Application.


Visualogyx is the first evidence management system to govern the origination, execution, production and integration of third party inspection reports. It is used by Field Agents – Inspectors, Warehouse Managers, Yard Clerks, Truckers, Heavy Machine Operators, Auditors and many other Supply Chain professionals – to document noteworthy observations.




With a Visualogyx account, you can readily capture audio-, photo- and video- graphic evidence for any aspect of your supply chain. Just snap a picture of the paper trail, a defect or damage, or any other supply chain exception. Visualogyx handles the rest by organizing and reproducing relevant reports on-demand.




Counting can be an onerous endeavor in your supply chain. With Visualogyx, computer vision tools aid in automating inventory counts. Snap a photo and Visualogyx counts for you. Your counts are secured with numeric markers, watermarks, and geotags. Your Visualogyx digital rights management tools guarantee authorship and prove provenance of evidence collected in support of your internal reporting, or external claims processes.




Visualogyx gives central controllers the ability to raise and syndicate evidence collection requests into a pool of prequalified field agents. Using team collaboration tools, job participants get near real-time updates of evidence observations. Most Visualogyx users save on time as a result, needing to deploy fewer field agents on a job.


Try Visualogyx today and experience a more efficient supply chain through lower costs, more time, and more ground covered by your field agents!

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Community based social media platform




With CollabDeen, you can create your Community App for communicating and collaborating with your community members, in 60 seconds.


You don't need to build Mosque App (Islamic centre App) from scratch. CollabDeen ( is the all-in-one platform to create, communicate and collaborate with your members.


CollabDeen is our Deep-tech, AI-Powered, Mobile Platform. Which helps 1) Faith-based communities (Mosque, Masjid, Islamic centres, Society, Communities and organization) and 2) Business Communities (Business, Brand, Influencers) to build their niche audience. We are the world’s first to blend "Faith & Lifestyle"​ on one futuristic platform.


Muslims Around the World Create, Communicate and Collaborate with their favourite Mosques, and Community Centers Anywhere, Anytime - Easily!


Businesses, Brands and Influencers will use CollabDeen to build their Community of Niche followers with our Halal specific business tools to gain deep targeted insights to make brighter business decisions.


CollabDeen main features:


• Create Community App.

Fast, Secure & Reliable‎ to engage with your audience.


• Organise Events.

Bring your Community together with events


• Content Streaming.

A customisable reading experience, curated just for you.


• Deen Utilities

Best of spiritual and technology experience like never before. Prayer time according to your own Mazhab. Al-Quran Radio, Augmented Reality Qibla, Ask Imam and much more.


• Community News Feed

Your Spiritual Dashboard on the go. Stay updated on upcoming programs, events and much more from your community admin.


Who will CollabDeen benefit?



1) Get timely notifications from one or mosque / centre.

2) Set prayer time according to your favourite nearby Mosque

3) Connect and engage with your community admin and members.

4) Reach out to your spiritual leader from you community to private conversation

5) Know more about the needs of the Mosque/ community

6) Volunteers and engage in community services than ever before.


Mosque Administrator

1) Increased attendance at mosque and other gatherings,

2) Push notifications keep you in touch

3) Members will never forget a face

4) Members will be more connected

5) More information about the needs of the Mosque / Community

6) More Community and Service than ever before.


Business & Brands, and Influencers can build their community on our platform.


How Can You Support?


Receiving worldwide support , CollabDeen has successfully completed its latest public beta launch globally. With your support, together we can make a HUGE difference. Download CollabDeen now and lets start Building Smart Communities


So innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, governments, community builders. This is your chance not just to profit but to make communities safer, better and more dignified for billions all over the world. The new era of communities is here.

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