Punnarao K.

Punnarao K.

Expert Cloud/DevOps Solution Architect

Vijayawada , India

Experience: 17 Years


Vijayawada , India

Expert Cloud/DevOps Solution Architect

51428.5 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

17 Years

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About Me

  • 17+ years of experience in Large Scale Enterprise Server/Infrastructure/Cloud Computing/DevOps/Build & Release Management and Managed Services.
  • Have 17+ years of experience in Linux Environment (RHEL, CentOS and SuSe Linux), 8+ ye...
  • Have 17+ years of experience in Linux Environment (RHEL, CentOS and SuSe Linux), 8+ years of experience in VMware Environment (ESXi 5.5/6.0/6.5), 3+ years of experience in Cloud Technology's (Amazon AWS & OpenStack), 2+ years of experience in Container Platform (Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes, Docker SWARM and UCP), 2+ years of experience in DevOps tools (Jenkins, Docker, GitLab, Git, Ansible and Terraform).
  • Worked as Multiple Job Roles ( System Administrator, Senior System Administrator, Linux Competency Engineer, Analyst, Technical Specialist, Principal Infrastructure Engineer, SME (Subject Matter Expert), Technical Lead and Currently working as Cloud/DevOps Solutions Architect.
  • Experienced in Cloud Technologies like Amazon AWS, OpenStack, Red Hat OpenShift, Kubernetes, Dockers.
  • Extensive Experience in Managing and Administrating Large Scale Linux Server Environments: Handling Linux Environment, including Build & Provision, Administration, Network Services Configuration, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, Security Hardening,  Server Patching, Troubleshooting Server issues.
  • Significant experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and with the Configuration of Various Amazon Services ( Amazon EC2, Amazon ECR, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, AWS Lambda, Amazon S3, Amazon EFS, AWS Backup, Amazon S3 Glacier, Amazon RedShift, AWS IAM, AWS Firewall Manager, Amazon Cloud Directory, AWS Secretes Manager, AWS Single-Sign-On, AWS Auto Scaling, AWS Management Console, AWS Resource Groups, AWS CloudFormation, AWS Snowball, AWS Migration Hub, Amazon API Gateway, AWS Direct Connect, AWS Elastic Load Balancing, Amazon Route 53, Amazon VPC, AWS VPN, Amazon SQS, AWS Glue, Amazon Athena, Amazon QuickSight, AWS Data Pipeline).
  • Significant Working experience in OpenStack Cloud Platform with the Configuration of Various Services (Nova, Ironic, Swift, Cinder, Manila, Neutron, Octavia, Designate, Keystone, Barbican, Heat, Senlin, Zaqar, Magnum, Masakari, Freezer and horizon).
  • Containerized custom web applications and deployed on Red Hat OpenShift with Linux instances through Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes Cluster and automated application deployment in cloud using GitLab and Jenkins.
  • Expert in Installing, Configuring Red Hat OpenShift 3.x on Bare Metal servers (HP Synergy Frame 12000) and VMware environments.
  • Expertise in Installing and Configuring Red Hat OpenShift Cluster for deploying real time Containers and Installing and Configuring Log Management using Elastic search, Fluentd, Kibana.
  • Expertise in Configuring Red Hat Open Shift Private Repository.
  • Expertise in Integration of Gluster, Gluster Block, Ceph RBD, iSCSI, FC, vSphere and NFS storage technologies with Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Worked on Managing Networking Policies between the projects using OVS plugins in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Expertise in Scaling of Infra and Worker Nodes based on the utilization in Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Expertise in maintenance of Red Hat Open Shift Cluster based on schedules and utilization.
  • In-depth knowledge in Host Monitoring of the Cluster Nodes using Zabbix and using Grafana, Alert Manager and Prometheus for real time Metrics.
  • Strong working experience in DevOps essential tools like Jenkins, Git/GitLab, Ansible, Docker Containers.
  • Assist Development teams to migrate applications to Docker-based PaaS platform using Kubernetes.
  • Significant Working knowledge in Installing and Configuring Kubernetes’s Cluster.
  • Extensive experience in Kubernetes, Docker SWARM and UCP Administration.
  • Strong Working Knowledge in Kubernetes to orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers.
  • Managed Docker Orchestration and Docker Containerization using Kubernetes, Docker SWARM and UCP.
  • Extensively used ELK Stack for Installing and Configuring Logging for Kubernetes components in lower regions. Installed and Configured Zabbix servers for Kubernetes host monitoring and deployed Grafana, Alert manager and Prometheus for managing alerts via slack and email and used for measuring live metrics.
  • Experienced in Agile/Scrum, and most recently Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) practices.
  • Actively used Jenkins to build end to end CI/CD Pipelines in Jenkins to retrieve code, compile applications, perform tests and push build artifacts to JFrog Artifactory.
  • Creation of pipelines in Jenkins includes Continuous integration of tools like Maven, Git, GitLab and Continuous deployment using Ansible Maintained and Administered GIT Source Code Tool, Created Branches, Labels and performed Merges in GitLab and GIT.
  • Great Insight in writing custom Docker Files, running Docker Containers in Production Environments, using Docker Images, Private Docker Registries, managing Docker Configuration, deploying Active Micro services in Docker and using Docker Compose and Docker Swarm.
  • Hands on experience on Terraform a tool for building, changing and versioning Infrastructure safely and efficiently. Worked with Terraform Key Features such as Infrastructure as code, Execution Plans, Resource Graphs for Automation and Server Provisioning.
  • Extensive experience in managing Configuration Management using Ansible. Used Ansible for Server Provisioning before using Terraform. Automated entire OpenShift Installation using Ansible Playbooks for pre-deployments and post deployments.
  • Expert in managing Configuration Management using Ansible, Automating Infrastructure and Deployments using Ansible Playbooks, Ansible Roles, Ansible Variables, Handlers, And Ansible Vault for Encrypting Sensitive Data in Ansible Playbooks.
  • Installed Jenkins on Linux Distribution Systems, created Master and Slave Configuration through a build farm for implementation of Multiple Parallel Builds for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.
  • Expert knowledge in Hadoop (HDFS), HBase, MapReduce, Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR).
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot any issues generated while building, deploying and in production support.
  • Utilized Agile Methodologies - Scrum meetings to manage full life-cycle development of the project

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Portfolio Projects


  1. Design Implement and Maintain all AWS infrastructure and services within a managed service environment.

v Design, Deploy and maintain enterprise class security, network and systems management applications within an AWS environment.

v Work with internal teams to create the AWS services as per the requirements.

v Work with business unit managers to understand project scope, suggest possible alternatives and document each step of the design in AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

v Configuring and Administrating AKS (Amazon Kubernetes Services) Clusters and Worker nodes in AWS.

v Performed AKS Cluster Kubernetes version upgrade and Worker Nodes upgrade in AWS.

v Creating “Launch Templates” & “Creating new versions” in Auto Scaling Groups to meet AKS requirements.

v Configuring Load Balancers in AWS Cloud to support services deployed in EKS Cluster and instances.

v Creating, managing EC2 instances, Auto Scaling Groups as per the requirements.

v Designing and deploying scalable, Highly available systems on AWS.

v Creating and managing network service VPCs, Subnets, NACLs and Security Groups in AWS.

v Creating IAM Users, Group accounts, rules and policies as per the requirement.

v Configuring MFA authentication for IAM Users to Manage Own MFA Devices.

v Creating S3 buckets and assigning bucket policies and ACLs to provide access.

v Configuring and managing firewall rules and Security Groups to control access between different networks.

v Creating and managing “Launch New Configuration Templates” in Auto Scaling groups to add new instances in existing Auto Scaling Groups.

v Designing and managing network services VPC, Firewall Rules, Subnets and Load Balancers in Google Cloud Platform using gcloud command line utility.

v Enabling and disabling the services in Google Cloud Platform using gcloud command line utility.

v Configuring and administrating Google Kubernetes Clusters in Google Cloud Platform.

v Creating VM’s and configuring networking and Storage in Google Cloud Platform.

v Creating Projects and enable billing and providing access using IAM in Google Cloud Platform.

v Managing and Administrating GitHub Enterprise.

Managing and administrating Kubernetes Clusters ( Creating Namespaces, implementing RBAC, secrets, deploying DaemonSet and Services, etc..).

Installing, upgrading and uninstalling Packages in Kubernetes Clusters using Helm Charts.

Performing CICD activity’s using TeamCity tool.

Managing Docker Images in Nexus Repository.

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  1. Management of the Linux and Cloud Specialist team (Currently 11 heads).
  2. Collaborating with Various teams & Management to understand the requirement & design the Infrastructure in Cloud and On-Premises.
  3. Implemented cloud services IaaS and PaaS which include Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift.
  4. Experience in Guiding the Classification, Plan, Implementation, Growth, Adoption and Compliance to Enterprise Architecture strategies, processes and Standards.
  5. Managing and Administrating Large Scale Linux Server Environments: Handling Linux Environment, including Build & Provision, Administration, Network Configuration, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, Security Hardening, Troubleshooting Server issues.
  6. Designing and Implementing Linux Based services including implementation of Firewalls, SSH Configuration, NFS Server and FTP servers.
  7. Configure and Managing AWS Compute Services using EC2, Amazon ECR, Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS and AWS Lambda.
  8. Configured the Elastic Load Balancers, Autoscaling Groups, Amazon SQS, Snapshots and AMI’s to create highly fault tolerant and resilient environment.
  9. Creating the configuration for establishing a VPN tunnel between on premise network and AWS VPC.
  10. Designed and implemented AWS Solutions using EC2, S3, EBS, Elastic Load balancer (ELB), VPC, Amazon RDS, CloudFormation, Amazon SQS, and other services of the AWS infrastructure.
  11. Creating and Administrating Network Services (VPC, Subnets, Firewall Rules, Security Groups, Elastic IP address and VPN Gateways) in AWS Cloud As per the project requirement.
  12. Created users and groups using Identity Access Management (IAM) and assigned individual policies to each group. Setup specific IAM profiles per group utilizing newly released APIs for controlling resources within AWS based on group or user.
  13. Manage, OpenStack Infrastructure upgrades, expansion, scaling, troubleshooting and debugging on the most challenging and complex environments.
  14. Creating Projects and allocating the resources as per the project requirement.
  15. Creating and Managing Virtual Firewalls and Security Group as per the requirement.
  16. Creating multiple VPC's (Virtual Private Cloud) to isolate the environments and Configuring the peering to enable communication between multiple VPC's in OpenStack Cloud Platform and AWS.
  17. Configuring and Managing Elastic Load Balancers in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud platforms.
  18. Involved in DevOps migration/automation processes for build and deployment.
  19. Designed, Implemented and coordinate an automated build & release CI/CD process using Gitlab, Jenkins and Ansible on hybrid IT infrastructure.
  20. Used CI/CD tools Jenkins, Git/Gitlab and Docker registry/daemon for configuration management and automation.
  21. Configuring and administrating GIT/GitLab and its concepts - Configuration, Administration, branching, merging, tagging, and committing changes.
  22. Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline with Docker, and GitHub and AWS.
  23. Used Kubernetes to orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers.
  24. Utilized kubernetes for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test deploy.
  25. Created and Implemented Private Cloud Using Kubernetes and OpenShift Clusters that supports Performance Test and Production Environments.
  26. Adding Storage and Configuring Network in Kubernetes Cluster, Docker SWARM and UCP.
  27. Managed Kubernetes charts using Helm.
  28. Managing and Administrating kubernetes Clusters (creating namespace, deploying services, monitoring services/pods, etc..).
  29. Experience with Kubernetes and OpenShift administration and monitoring along with production support and on call.
  30. Installing, Configuring and Managing HP Synergy Frame 12000 hardware to install Red Hat Open Shift 3.11 PaaS Platform.
  31. Managing Network resources in OpenShift Cluster to meet 50k concurrency as per the project requirement.
  32. Utilized Agile Methodologies - Scrum meetings to manage full life-cycle development of the project.

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  1. Managing Server Hardware and Operating System configuration, maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting of UNIX and Linux systems.
  2. Development and continuous improvement of system administration and operational processes and standards.
  3. Design, Deploy and maintain enterprise class security, network and systems management applications within an AWS environment
  4. Evaluation/design/development/deployment of additional technologies and automation for managed services on AWS
  5. Experience in designing cloud, Web and middleware solutions, supporting them with solution approach, cloud assessment workshops, POCs and development/migration Plans.
  6. Working with developers to load software onto Linux Enterprise servers and debugging Scripts.
  7. Worked on configuring web servers like Apache Tomcat and Nginx.
  8. Performed automated installations of Operating systems using Kickstart installation.
  9. Created AWS computing instance Services like EC2 and Amazon Elastic Load Balancing in AWS Cloud.
  10. Created User accounts for the Development group, DB-Group, testing group by using AWS IAM service.
  11. Monitoring the AWS Infrastructure Response Time, Application/Service availability, Backend Transaction time, Throughput using CloudWatch and Site24x7.
  12. Create low latency website using S3, Cloud Front, and Route53.
  13. Responsible for overall Docker & Kubernetes setup, configuration, and Architecture.
  14. Installed and Configured and maintaining/supporting a large-scale Docker-Based PaaS environment using Kubernetes Clusters to Orchestrate the deployment, scaling and management of Docker Containers.
  15. Utilized Kubernetes Cluster for the runtime environment of the CI/CD system to build, test and deploy.
  16. Experience in defining Application Deployment Solution on Docker-based PaaS environment and migrating applications to Kubernetes and Docker platform.
  17. Worked with DevOps practices using AWS, Elastic Bean stalk and Docker with kubernetes.
  18. Create and manage user permissions, directories and files in Linux environment.
  19. Automated the cloud deployments using Ansible, Python and AWS Cloud Formation Templates.
  20. Documentation of builds, source control processes, plans and the work done to mitigate future projects.
  21. Involved in Scrum meetings, artefacts and other scrum activities in collaboration with the team.

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  1. Worked as a Technical Lead for 12 members Team.
  2. Provide remote support for AIX server, Linux Servers and VMware environment.
  3. Configured IBM P5 and P6, IBM x3850, x3860, Dell PowerEdge R730, R730xd, R930 servers, M1000e and Dell VRTX Chassis for production, Dev and test environments.
  4. Created checklists and collected audit data for compliance with SOX and Internal Audits.
  5. Provide 24/7 support on RHEL, IBM AIX, SLES, VMware ESXi and Dell DAS Storage.
  6. Responsible for Auditing Server Build’s to ensure security compliance and SOX compliance.
  7. GSD331 troubleshooting, find any incompliant servers are Remediate GSD331.
  8. Worked on with the team members to create, execute and implement the plans.
  9. Develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures for VMware virtualization environment, IBM AIX and Linux Operating Systems.
  10. Installation and Configuration of PXE boot and Kick start installation servers.
  11. Configuration and Administration of LVM file systems on Linux and AIX servers.
  12. Configuration and Administration DM-Multipath on Linux Servers.
  13. Integrated Linux Servers with Windows AD for SSO using Kerberos and SSSD.
  14. Patching Linux servers periodically using RHN, YUM and SuSe Manager.
  15. Upgrade Service Pack to latest service packs using SuSe Manager.
  16. Configured and Managed SuSe Manager Server in SLES.
  17. Installation and Configuration of YUM Server and Clients.
  18. Installation and Configuration ESXi Hosts and vCenter Servers.
  19. Configuration and Administration of HA and DRS Clusters
  20. Patching ESXi hosts using VUM periodically as per compliance report.
  21. Configure and Administrating VMware virtual networking.
  22. Create and Manage Datastores, Hosts Profiles and Resource Pools.
  23. Hardware troubleshooting, Maintenance and replacement failed hardware.
  24. System administration including user, system & group management, system updates, performance monitoring, backup/recovery, disk & storage management.
  25. Troubleshoot connectivity issues, analyze, debug, RCA and diagnose memory dumps and logs.

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  1. Regular duties involve monitoring the health of the ESXi/RHEL/Windows servers, Hardware utilization and performance tuning of the hosted virtual machines.
  2. Providing 24/7 Infrastructure support to Data centre’s located in U.S.A, Germany, Australia.
  3. Handling Physical Servers hardware (DELL Servers) problem and coordinating with Hardware Vendors for fixing the same.
  4. Updating Physical server’s firmware and BIOS via remote console (iDRAC)
  5. Installation, Configuration and Administration of ESXi4.1/5.0, RHEL5/6 and Windows 2012 servers and NetApp Storage Systems.
  6. VMware guests build and rebuild as per project requirement (Deploying the new VM from the template and cloning existing VM)
  7. Installing and updating VMware tools and VM hardware versions on guest machines.
  8. Manage and administrating Virtual Machines and templates.
  9. Configuring and mange VMware clusters for High Availability (HA) and Distributive Resource Scheduling (DRS) and adding/removing ESXI hosts from cluster.
  10. Configuration of virtual switches and virtual networks.
  11. Configure and manage resource pools, alarms, alerts and NTP.
  12. Installing RHEL using kick start and PXE network installation method.
  13. Installing/updating new packages using yum and rpm tool.
  14. Coordinating with NetApp to replace the faulty disks.
  15. Monitoring the environment using multiple monitoring tools (Nimsoft, Dell OME, NetApp alerts and VCenter alerts) and addressing the alerts within SLA.
  16. Coordinating with multiple teams to address the issues within SLA.
  17. Coordinating with Data centre engineers to rack and un-rack the servers and configure iDRAC and replace faulty parts.
  18. Performing monthly maintenance activities in environment to apply the patches and fix the software/hardware issues.
  19. Upgrading the BIOS, Firmware and PERC Controller firmware’s on DELL servers.
  20. Providing the support to end users on ad-hoc request.
  21. Administering of user accounts and computers on the AD (Creating users & groups, giving them rights, unlocking and resetting the user passwords etc...)
  22. Configure and maintain Group Policies.
  23. Configure performance alerts and alarms to check the health of the servers.

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