Mohammed Q.

Mohammed Q.


Chicago , United States

Experience: 15 Years


Chicago , United States


54000 USD / Year

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15 Years

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About Me

15+ years of hands-on ABAP technical experience of WRICEF objects in several SAP modules:  MM (master data, purchasing), IM (goods movements), SD (order, pricing, billing), LE (delivery,    shipment, transportation), WM (Central, Decentral,3r...

  • Functional, configuration and integration knowledge of above SAP modules.
  • Key member in 4 SAP Implementations, 2 SAP Upgrades, 2 Plant Roll-outs, Y2K Remediation for all  phases: requirements, blueprint, design, prototyping,  testing, realization, go-live, post implementation.
  • Experience in project management, project delivery methodology, system development life cycle.
  • Expert in develop proofs of concept, feasibility study, gap analysis, WRICEF design/documentation.    
  • Proven expertise in collecting business requirements and developing SAP functional specifications.
  • Experience convert functional specs into technical specifications, review off-shore developed code.
  • Experience in SAP Development, Conversion, Upgrade, Migration, Maintenance, Production Support.
  • Background in: Root cause analysis, Troubleshoot, Debug, Performance tuning SAP applications.
  • SAP integration with B2B, MOBISYS RF, legacy systems using XI/PI, EDI, SAP BC, web Methods.
  • BW/BI experience data loading: master/transactional/delta, Query Designer/Web Application Design.
  • Supervised, mentored coworkers. Trained clients on eCATT for testing scenarios in SAP upgrades.
  • Imroved execution by 15% for 10 most critical custom transactions through performance tuning.
  • Achieved 91% SLA, 99.9% job failure reduction of SAP-Legacy interfaces via root cause analysis.
  • Proactively created process that eliminated late night interface monitor and increased productivity.
  • Automated custom mass processes/update resulting in 60% productivity and 100% user-satisfaction.
  • Analytical, detail oriented, excellent communication, high performance, independent/team player. 

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Portfolio Projects


Highly customized implementation of SAP modules: MM/IM, SD, FI, Logistic Execution (delivery, shipment, transportation), WM, MOBISYS RF and BW/BI for several customers.

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Technical coordinator to functional (onshore) and ABAP technical (offshore) teams for project Gemini –

Master data interfaces between IBM portal (Regional Work Flow) and ECC. Technical support to project

PCPL - Web Dynpro ABAP application for Product Catalog/Price Lists and project FUSION – IDOC/EDI

interfaces of finished goods distribution between ECC, 3rd Party Logistics and External Manufacturers

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  • Add Custom Action Types for Costa Rica: Analyzed 30+ objects (interfaces, reports, methods, fm) to

identify relevant existing logic for inclusion of new action types, modified, tested, documented changes.

  • ROSS Ledger Translation: Identified all objects containing third party ledger translation logic. Modified

ledger retrieval by adding company code and profit center. Tested and created change documentations.

  • Delete Pernr: Created custom delete action types. Modified relevant objects, tested and documented.
  • Source Scan: Developed interactive report that searched up to nine strings from reports, includes,

pools(subroutine, module, function, class, type). Proved highly efficient and productive tool in where-in used search of action types.

  • Transport Report: Developed ALV drill-down report to track transports and tasks by various selections.
  • Scrambling Program: Developed code to scramble certain sensitive fields in IT0001, IT0002, IT0006,

IT008, IT0021, IT0105, IT0167, IT0168, IT0759, IT9005, IT9006, IT9015 when test clients refreshed with

production data.

  • Enhanced SM30: Added buttons and pop-up screens in header and detail screens of maintenance view of custom table by customizing SAPLSVIM and using ST event.

Web Dynpro ABAP: Designed and created Web Dynpro ABAP application to call RFC version of source scan report to extend its popular where-in used action types search to different production systems

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  • SAP Scripts/Smart Forms: Developed new and modified existing layout sets in PO, MM/IM, SD, PP, WM modules including VDA Automotive Smart Forms.
  • Created new output types and forms to print pallet/HU labels from VT0xN.
  • Designed custom ABAP print program and smart forms for check printing for several banks.
  • Modified ASN and packing slips to display all items from PO whether shipped or otherwise. Output types updated for external send and print programs modified to email PO directly.
  • Dynamically included TXTID via VTKO-TAXNAM-ADR. Included material level internal note (Basic tab/Additional Functions) in picking ticket (object MATERIAL, id VER).
  • Created UCC128 shipping label from IDOC E1EDT20/E1EDT37.
  • SAP Query: Developed a complex query to pull orders and invoices for any pricing condition type.
  • LSMW: Defined class/characteristics in CMIR and loaded values via LSMW.

Ø RF Implementation: Most WM transactions were customized for RF functionality. Developed functionality of automatic PGI by delivery after loading all handling units by customizing LM31 (load by delivery) and LM61 (GI by delivery). Enhanced RF picking and confirm TO lines based on custom flag in LIKP. Added functionality to automatically perform ‘CMPL’ function after a full pallet has been pick confirmed to enhance user productivity.


  • Uploaded material memo in MM0x and MD04 (object MDTXT, id LTXT) from excel.
  • A wrapper was created to check existence of data file before submitting RSEINB00 in batch job.
  • Created custom report ZRLLI0400 for input in LI04 to print material short text longer than 20 characters in physical inventory documents.
  • Developed custom copy control report ZRV15CC09 from template RV15CC01 for copying condition type ZR00 in table 509 from sales office->sales office. This has increased much user productivity. This copy control is not offered as standard SAP functionality.

Ø Web Dynpro ABAP: Designed and created Web Dynpro ABAP applications to downloaded PO related Smart Forms to PDF and display ALV outputs from custom MM tables.

Ø User Exits and BADI:

o Created warning message during VK11 (pricing condition record creation) when material sales price is lower than material standard price.

o Added G/L account description and cost center description in PO Account Assignment tab in ME22N.

o Enhanced VA05 (list of sales order) to display ‘ship-to address’ at item level. The warning message in VI01 (shipment cost document) upon entering certain condition type has been changed to required.

o Enhanced MM01 to propose next consequent external alpha material number.

o Added a custom field to VL06O (standard display variant to delivery monitor).

o Added customer tab and customer field ‘Asset Number’ at PO creation and automatically copied

it to header text field in MIRO transaction upon entering PO number and finally automatically

populated this field into line item of transaction FAGLB03 (GL open item balances).

o Enhanced SE16 for MARA lookup of material number based on alternate input (ATWRT, EAN11, KDMAT etc).

o Automatic update of delivery date in Header Shipment/Unload tabs of VL32N (inbound delivery) upon input in certain custom field.

o Added field ‘customer PO’ in custom tab of VL32N (inbound delivery) to be updated from incoming IDOC DELVRY01 from EDI.

o Created warning message when certain condition types exist in the sales order but not certain sales partners exist or vice versa using implicit enhancement.

o Automated highly manual and extremely time consuming process of calculations from spreadsheets to identify Indian product that qualify for 0% duty import in USA by creating new costing variant in CK11N and calculate ‘percentage of selling cost’ for Indian origin materials in EXIT_SAPLCK21_002 and populated this value in newly created custom field in purchasing view

of the material master(MM0x).

Ø IDOC Extension: Extended segment INVOIC01/Z1TRANS and populated sales order header custom field ‘program type’ (IDOC_OUTPUT_INVOIC/EXIT_SAPLVEDF_002). Enhanced SHPMNT03/ZSHPMNTX and populated sales order item level custom field ‘delivery call #’ (EXIT_SAPLV56K_002).

Ø Bartender Label Printing: Developed several labels (Master and Set box) using Bartender with input from custom extraction of data from SAP tables. Created ABAP program to pull characteristic values from CMIR in a text file that automatically invoked Bartender labels using Commander as Service. This has tremendously increased user productivity.

Ø BI/BW Generic Data Source: Created several generic data sources, structures and function modules after template RSAX_BIW_ GET_DATA_SIMPLE. Created SAP fm to simulate SM21 (system log) and called this fm in Generic Data Source extractor by Function module.

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