Kowcik R.

Kowcik R.

Automation Test engineer with knowledge in Selenium java, jenkins, ReadyApi and other test tools

New Delhi , India

Experience: 5 Years


New Delhi , India

Automation Test engineer with knowledge in Selenium java, jenkins, ReadyApi and other test tools

5338.24 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

5 Years

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About Me

  • 5.2 Years of experience in the area of software testing (Automation) using selenium with a solid understanding on test planning test design, test execution and defect reporting and tracking.

  • Good knowledge in under...

  • Good knowledge in understanding and analyzing test requirements.

  • Well acquainted with all phases of SDLC and STLC

  • Proficient in test automation using Selenium tool using Java

  • Strong Experience in Automating Web Application testing using selenium Web-Driver with Junit framework and intermediate in TestNG framework.

  • Well versed with handling elements in selenium web driver

  • Writing test cases using element locators, Web driver methods, java features, Junit annotations

  • Writing complex functional logics in java to the scenarios that required to Automate

  • Executing selenium test cases and reporting defects 

  • Proficient in script Enhancement based on functionality 

  • Provided reports on automation coverage, issues and prospects

  • Knowledge on ReadyApi tool by automating E2E microservices

  • Knowledge on validating mongoDb with readyApi

  • Smart bear ReadyApi certified professional

  • Strong understanding on E-commerce product information management

  • Strong understanding on Insurance domain

  • Knowledge on SQL queries

  • Self-motivated, energetic and highly ethical in all work related assignments thus able to immediately contribute to corporate goals and objects

  • Good written, communication, proven team player with a strong mind to handle pressure situations

  • Knowledge on Jira tool

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Portfolio Projects

Automation Test engineer


Automation Test engineer


PROJECT #1:  Automating the regression suite for product information management using readyApi tool

PROJECT #2:  Automating BVT scripts using readyApi tool

Additional task: Involved in defining and sharing ideas for selenium reusable framework


  • Involved in finding the right test cases for regression suite and BVT suite

  • Created test cases and documented in Jira tool

  • Identified defects in early regression stage

  • Created data suite for testing API micro services

  • Automated the identified test cases in readyApi tool

  • Added mongo db validation in readyApi tool

  • Enhanced the test scripts for selenium cases

  • Automating BVT UI cases in selenium hybrid framework

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Automation Test engineer for Leading Insurance


Automation Test engineer for Leading Insurance


  • Involved in Business requirement Analysis, Overall Design, Overall execution.

  • Test cases by creating the Scripts logic in Data Driven approach framework

  • Business logic creation using java for critical functionalities 

  • End to End Regression Testing and executed 1000 + cases every version

  • Finding retrofit areas and fixing the issues to execute the test cases

  • Script enhancement for critical blockage cases 

  • Work around scripting for deferred defects

  • Quality test by Jenkins to ensure New builds not affecting the existing functionality

  • Consolidating the defects and based on defect severity the scenarios are scripted towards Automation

  • Involved on Framework level change activities 

  • Debugged Java code (Selenium) to fix functionality issues discovered during testing. 

  • Converted most of the Manual feasible cases to Automation and helped in optimization and reduced time in execution

  • Provided reports on automation coverage, issues and prospects

  • Tested the functionality and usability of web applications on different testing environments throughout the software development lifecycle

  • Wrote use cases and test cases based on the software requirements, content model, and/or business rules. 

  • Documented changes to requirements and tested their implementation in new versions of web applications.

  • Implementation and modification of automation scripts for a new Testing Automation Platform.

  • Created automation scripts and user-defined functions and executed them daily.

  • Reported found issues and tracked them in the HP QC.

  • Interacted with clients and onsite associates efficiently 

  • Expanded manual and automated testing to cover new functionality.

  • Helped in reducing QTP license

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Automation Test engineer for Leading bank


Automation Test engineer for Leading bank


Creating dedicated jenkins testing pipeline 

Creating java snippet for reducing manual effort 

Making feasible changes in Framework 

Developing new tools

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Preferred Language

  • English - Fluent

Available Timezones

  • New Delhi [UTC +5]

  • Dubai [UTC +4]

  • China (West) [UTC +6]

  • Singapore [UTC +7]

  • Hong Kong (East China) [UTC +8]