Mahender M.

Mahender M.

QA Engineer

New Delhi , India

Experience: 3 Years


New Delhi , India

QA Engineer

5638 USD / Year

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3 Years

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About Me

I have good knowledge in core java and selenium webdriver.


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Portfolio Projects






This project is related to education in domain in USA. This is contain different courses available in the university. Student can chose any course and he can do online course It aims at providing a web version of the student’s classes and the courses he is taking up or had complete, in cloud platform using REST API calls. The project used technologies like REST APIs as a service. Students can check to provision the status of existing courses, past achievements /failures and future planned courses.



  • Developed the Page Object Model (POM) Framework using Java Selenium and TestNG to support UI
  • Involved in Automation Environment setup using Eclipse, Java, Selenium WebDriver jars and TestNG.
  • Designed Test cases Using Selenium Webdriver and TestNG.
  • Involved in the estimation of the QA related efforts and task allocation based on the same.
  • Involved in the sprint planning of the entire application.
  • Involved in Requirement Analysis of the requirements, manual test cases or other documents provided for automation.
  • Planning the automation framework by creating the relevant functions, test cases.
  • Peer Review of the automation deliverables before being sent to the client and also reviewed the automation code created by the clients and developers.
  • Used Git as code repository and raised Pull Requests to review the code.
  • Involved in the Continuous Integration test suites with Jenkins to execute them after every successful deployment.

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Deliver Data-Driven


Deliver Data-Driven




The Apollo Technology and Innovation Group leverages experience in producing educational systems and processes to provide innovative technologies and consulting services to academic institutions to help them compete and grow. Apollo Technology developed the technology to deliver data-driven, personalized education tailored to the individual. Apollo has an application where students and faculty can interact in real time to discuss academic topics.




  • Gathering Manual test cases from manual team and Automating using Hybrid (Keyword and Data Driven) Frame work.
  • Reporting daily the automation Progress to the client.
  • Participated in preparing test cases based on the given Requirement.
  • Involved in Execution of Functional & Regression Test cases.
  • Sending Build Wise Status Report to my Lead.
  • Performed Smoke Test on each new Environment/Build.
  • Identifying defects and logging defects in JIRA.
  • Participating in meetings with clients when new features came or RC happened.
  • Analyzing impacted areas, fixing affected scripts and library files according to RC before release.

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