Devraj  B.

Devraj B.

Migration Architect/DBA PostgreSQL Snowflake Oracle MariaDB BigQuery Redshift Presto MarkLogic Netza

Madison , United States

Experience: 17 Years


Madison , United States

Migration Architect/DBA PostgreSQL Snowflake Oracle MariaDB BigQuery Redshift Presto MarkLogic Netza

157440 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

17 Years

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About Me

  • 17+ years of IT experience in Backend Data Architect/DBA, Data Engineer GCP and AWS

  • Certified Snowflake Cloud Analytics Architect

  • Certified PostgreSQL Database Administrator

  • <...
  • Certified PostgreSQL Database Administrator

  • Certified Oracle Database Administrator

  • Database / Data warehouse Migration (Netezza -> BigQuery/PostgreSQL, Oracle -> PostgreSQL/MariaDB, RedShift -> Snowflake) using AWS DMS, AWS SCT, SQL_Mode, SQLines, Ora2PG, Orafce, Ora_Migrator, PostgreSQL FDW of Oracle and BigQuery, Golden Gate, Bash/Python Scripts including Developing/Coding Shared Procedures/Function/ package Bodies from Source to Target Database in PostgreSQL PL/PgSQL, BigQuery UDF.

  • GCP BigQuery, GCP Dataflow, Cloud Pub/Sub, Data Lake (CS), Cloud Storage, VM, gcloud, gsutil, bq.

  • AWS Redshift, Redshift Spectrum, AWS Glue, Python, Data Lake (S3), VPC, EC2, EBS, EFS, Data Security.

  • Snowflake Setup/Configuration/Admin, Batch/Stream data Loading, Unloading into S3/Blob/CS, SnowSQL, SnowPipe, Matillion, snowflake-connector-python, Snowflake-SQLAlchemy, pandas.

  • Presto Admin (Setup/Configuration, Query Optimization from multiple sources without ETL)

  • Data Warehouse/Server Admin of Netezza, MariaDB and MarkLogic

  • Oracle Golden Gate (Uni-Directional Oracle to Oracle)

  • Used other related services in GCP and AWS

  • Worked for clients State of Wisconsin, State of Maryland, Cashedge (Fiserv), Redhat, GE Finance, GE Plastics, Omnitracs, Caterpillar, Retek, Motorola, P&O Nedlloyd, AON, British Home Stores, Standard Chartered Bank and ISBS (Indian Banks)

  • Authorized to work in USA for any employer.

  • Highest qualification as Master of Engineering from I.I.T. Roorkee (India) 

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Devraj B

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Portfolio Projects

Omnitracs LLC, Minneapolis MN: From Aug-2018 to Till Date


Omnitracs LLC, Minneapolis MN: From Aug-2018 to Till Date


-        PostgreSQL database (version 9.2.18 till 12) creation/configuration/maintenance into local and AWS cloud storage following Maryland State and agency level policies, rules and security.

-        Standby setup/configuration of PostgreSQL from In-house Redhat Linux server to AWS cloud and GCP VM.

-        Database migration from Oracle to PostgreSQL into AWS EC2 and GCP VM using AWS SCT, AWS DMS, Ora2Pg, orafce, ora_migrator, oracle_fdw, bash shell, Python scripts and Coding/ Converting Oracle shared procedures in PL/SQL to PostgreSQL PL/PgSQL

-        Linked Oracle database tables into PostgreSQL database using Foreign data wrapper oracle_fdw

-        PostgreSQL Logical and Physical Backup into AWS S3 & recovery of server / database / object level using Pg_dump / psql / pg_restore, Bash scripts, Barman scripts into/from AWS S3.

-        Setup/ Configuration/ Monitor / Support of PostgreSQL Powa and pact tools.

-        Upgrading to PostgreSQL Version 10.2, setting related configuration parameters, migrating existing partitions with Inheritance to Native Range/List partition tables and changing automation scripts as per new / changed features / Syntax of PostgreSQL version 10.2

-        Created Table Level Logical replication in PostgreSQL version 10.2 using Publication and subscription at Primary/Secondary PG databases.

-        Physical replication, WAL archive setup/monitoring of multiple PostgreSQL databases.

-        Data modeling (Logical, Physical, Reverse Engineering) using Erwin, Toad and PgModuler

-        Performance tuning of highly busy databases in peak hours using pgpool and modifying/ scheduling database jobs and Linux cron jobs.


-        AWS Redshift to Snowflake migration after testing/analyzing full load QPD, price/hour, Geo-Mean and Queries Threshold. Used TPC-DS sample queries and tools (DSQGEN) with varied concurrency level.

-        AWS cloud architecture design / setup and configuration with EC2 instance, VPC, S3 including data lifecycle management, Security groups, Alert and notifications (SNS, SQS, Cloud Watch, 53), privileges and encryption for devp, UAT and Production database servers of PostgreSQL

-        Resized the Redshift ds2.xlarge cluster from 8 Nodes to 12 nodes and setup/changed the parameter group, table sort key etc.

-        Format and Transform source data from AWS S3, PostgreSQL at AWS EC2, Flat files, CSV files using Python scripts and ETL (Steam and Batch load ) to Redshift using AWS Glue.

-        Setup/ configure AWS IAM roles, performance tuning, encryption with Redshift cluster.

-        Used Copy and Unload data to/from Redshift database between In-Premises and AWS.

-        Supporting Redshift Database using STL, SVL, STV, SVV system tables/views, Unload into S3/ In-Premises, copy from PostgreSQL, Schedule ELT from multiple sources using Kinesis Stream


-        Datawarehouse Migration from Netezza to BigQuery /PostgreSQL. Used BigQuery_FDW, modelling, infrastructure setup, BigQuery_UDF coding, Query Optimization, Geo-Mean, QPD

-        GCP cloud IaaS design /setup / Configuration of PostgreSQL and Oracle Data warehouse in VM, Cloud Storage including backup, recovery, Hot standby, data security etc.

-        Setup /Configured Data lake in Google Cloud Storage and to load from multiple sources using Python scripts, gsutil and source DB scripts.

-        Setup / Configured GCP BigQuery at Project, Dataset, Data Security, Table level Schema design, Query cost optimization, Developing BigQuery UDF and day to day issue resolution using bq and python scripts.

-        Setup/ Configured Batch load and Streaming load pipeline using GCP Dataflow and related Python scripts to ETL filtered data from multiple sources (Cloud Storage, Cloud Pub/Sub, PostgreSQL data warehouse in GCP VM and Raw files) into GCP BigQuery tables. Day to day ETL data issue resolution using logs, bq, python and bash scripts


-        Snowflake design of Premier, Enterprise and ESD editions using Tri-Secret secure keys

-        Snowflake batch and streaming data load pipeline using SnowPipe and Matillion from data lake at AWS S3 and Azure blob.

-        Tested cloud platforms/DWH based on Queries threshold, QPD, geomean

-        Setup/used Snowflake Python and SQLAlchemy connectors.

-        Loading bulk semi-structured and JSON data into Snowflake from AWS S3 / GCP Cloud Storage and automate loading based on CDC (Change data capture)

-        Used Snowflake SnowSQL, SQLAlchemy, Pandas for analytics including Hierarchical Data

-        Unloading Snowflake data into Azure blob, AWS S3 and GCP Cloud Storage.

-        Table design, Data optimization, Query Performance and Cost optimization.

-        Communicated with Snowflake customer support as and when required.


-        Setting, Configuration of MariaDB at AWS EC2 compute instance with Java, Python Connectors.

-        Database migration from Oracle at In-House RedHat server to MariaDB at AWS EC2 using SQLines, SQL_MODE, Bash Scripts and coding/ testing using Unit test plans

-        Setup batch and streaming load of CSV files from AWS S3 data lake into MariaDB using Python filtration scripts

-        Configuring MariaDB Multi-Master Galera (Ver:4) Cluster with auto membership control, node joining, synchronization.

-        Configured/used MariaDB Storage engines Blackhole, AWS S3, MyISAM, Aria, Column Store, Heap/Memory, InnoDB and XtraDB.

-        Setup MariaDB High performance write-intensive TokuDB compressed environment.

-        Full, Incremental and Partial backup using Mariabackup and restore at table, partition,

-        Setup node cluster position using encryption and compression.

-        Configured mariaDB option file my.cnf based on usages and related application requirements.

-        Setup/configured Replication, read-only slaves, multi-source replication, parallel replication, statement-based replication, row-based replication without primary key, Semi synchronous replication, Delayed replication, with restricting speed of reading binlog from master

Failover/Switchover of Master/Slave configuration and testing.


-        Presto installation, configuration in AWS EC2 and GCP Compute

-        Setting up Presto Coordinator and Worker nodes along with,, connectors for source data storages.

-        Worked with Presto Query execution model, Stage, task, split, operator, exchange.

-        Data loading connecting sources AWS Redshift, PostgreSQL at GCP Compute, Teradata, AWS S3 buckets and local files. Used Presto Black hole connector properties

-        Presto schema evolution, authentication, system access control, end user impersonation, memory and system connector, TPCH connector etc.

-        Used Presto CLI, functions and Web Interface to design analytic dashboard.

-        Used Presto Property manager and CLI for spilling, tuning, configuration, serialization, task scheduling, query optimization, metadata management


-        Oracle database Logical, physical, RMAN Backup/ recovery, scheduling and monitoring.

-        Oracle Database hardware migration from Physical to Virtual environment. From HP-Ux to Linux environment using RMAN and Golden gate replication.

-        Multiple Nodes Oracle Database RAC support (service, listener, srvctl instance level, service, listener) using ASM

-        Oracle Database upgrade 10.x / to / 12.1 and quarterly CPU, Java Patching.

-        Active Data guard setup, Application database support, Linux/ Unix scripting

-        Golden gate Uni-Directional replication setup/ monitoring / error fixing

-        Creation/ Maintenance of Oracle Wallet.

-        MarkLogic (ver-9) configuration for HTTP, XDBC, WebDAC, ODBC Application servers. Xquery scripts tuning, User/roles maintenance, Flexible Replication configuration and day to day admin support.

Supporting 24/7 on call on rotation basis for all QA, UAT and Production databases

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Cent OS

Caterpillar, Chicago IL: From Jan-2018 till Aug-2018


Caterpillar, Chicago IL: From Jan-2018 till Aug-2018


Data Scientist


Caterpillar, Chicago IL: From Jan-2018 till Aug-2018

Data Backup

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Cent OS

DHS – State of Maryland, Baltimore MD: From Apr-2017 till Nov-2017


DHS – State of Maryland, Baltimore MD: From Apr-2017 till Nov-2017


DHS – State of Maryland, Baltimore MD: From Apr-2017 till Nov-2017

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AWS PostgreSQL


Cent OS

- DET/DOA – State of Wisconsin, Madison WI: From July-2014 till Apr-2017


- DET/DOA – State of Wisconsin, Madison WI: From July-2014 till Apr-2017


-        DET/DOA – State of Wisconsin, Madison WI: From July-2014 till Apr-2017

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