Shilpa C.

Shilpa C.

Business Intelligence Specialist - Microstrategy Power BI Cognos Qlik Tableau OBIEE Hyperion

New Delhi , India

Experience: 23 Years


New Delhi , India

Business Intelligence Specialist - Microstrategy Power BI Cognos Qlik Tableau OBIEE Hyperion

120000 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

23 Years

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About Me

Green card holder with over 23 years total IT experience

Business Intelligence and warehouse specialist 

Tools used - Microstrategy Power BI Cognos Qlik Tableau OBIEE Hyperion


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Portfolio Projects

Generation 2 Unity Reporting



Generation 2 Unity Reporting


Mobile Developer


Build Enterprise Solution for Analytical Reporting


·         Client owns 39 companies and consolidation of legacy data into enterprise warehouse and Reporting based off Oracle Autonomous (Cloud based)

·         Upgrade Microstrategy Environment from V10.6 to 2019

·         Model User Security for 2000 users at Organization (Region->Division -> Division Region -> Branch) level and Employee level

·         Architect semantic layer for Gen 2 project for Sales, GL (Finance), Orders and Quotes

·         Creation of System Manager workflows for automated cube executions

·         Creation of dossiers, documents based upon requirements for Sales, GL, Orders and Quotes

·         Administration of all users, Migrations, Solutions based upon tickets/issues

·         SAML Integration of users with Microstrategy

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Rolling Stone

Oracle Deprecation for Rolling Stone project for all BI Legacy reports to new Mi


Rolling Stone


Mobile Developer


Design and development of enterprise solution for Rolling Stone project


·Oracle Deprecation for Rolling Stone project for all BI Legacy reports to new Microstrategy BI platform

·Design and development of CARI Customer Service scorecards for Customer Service, CS Productivity and Tickets.

· Design and development of Financials Reporting C2P from Jasper to Microstrategy BI Platform using architected self-service approach and creation f dashboards/ dossiers/documents

·Optimized performance of dashboards/visual insight documents

·Creation of Customer Service Tableau dashboards only for operations team

· Migration of Legacy Analytics Hyperion Reports (approx. 200) to MicroStrategy Self Service model

·Migration of Legacy Analytics Business Object Reports (approx. 100) to MicroStrategy Self Service model and documents

·Migration of few hundred OIEE Reports to new Microstrategy BI Platform and productionalize successfully all few hundred users

·Conversion of 60 Cognos documents to Microstrategy documents by creation of schema and public objects (attributes, facts) and creation of prompts, filters, metrics

· Creation of Power BI dashboards, datasets.  Scheduling daily of reports, Share dashboards to Sharepoint for users access

· Lead projects and work with Stake holders for deliverables.  Agile environment support with daily standups, BI scrum meetings and JIRA prioritization to meet users expectations

· Migration plan, work and testing from MSTR 10.4 to MSTR 10.11

· Creation of 12 dossiers for users in MSTR 10.11

 Work in a collaborative team environment of data engineers and business intelligent engineers

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Wells Fargo - Business Intelligence Dashboards

End to end solution provided for dashboards


Wells Fargo - Business Intelligence Dashboards


Mobile Developer


End to end solution of dashboards


·Creation of a complex document thinking out of the box with good visualizations (date/month time sliders, maximize windows, menu displaying thresholds) for users

· Creation of System Manager workflow using Command Manager to dynamically execute cubes post receive of daily trigger files

· Design and development of schema, few hundred metrics due to complex requirements, table driven transformations

· Successful migration of more than 300 Microstrategy objects to Production

· Collaborate with multiple Microstrategy internal teams to provide solutions for web interface and excel/pdf document.

· Provided clean solutions to the business users for Export complex document with multiple panels and info windows to Excel and PDF

· Managed offshore and onsite resources during project development and delivery phases for a successful and seamless delivery

· Integration of Atscale platform with Microstrategy and delivered POC project to the business

·Conversion of OBIEE Reports for Customer Service into Microstrategy Dashboards/Reports using modelled approach

·Conversion of Hyperion Reports into Microstrategy Dashboards/Reports/Self Service Model

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Wealth Management WM and WMA Wealth Asset Management

WMA and WM Projects


Wealth Management WM and WMA Wealth Asset Management


Mobile Developer


End to end solution providing for data analytics


·Understand of existing TM1 cubes, configurations in Cognos

·Migration of Cognos TM1 into Microstrategy Intelligent cubes

·Design, Development of Dashboards, Transaction Services Documents, Visual Insight     


·Build MSTR Servers, configure EM, OM for all environments, configure Clustered Servers

     and Load Balancing across all environments

·Automation of cube refresh for incremental load

·Automation of Security implementation of 8000 users on daily basis for Web SSO and files


·MicroStrategy SDK implementation for user security implementations

·Starting point dynamic user selections of prompts for Dashboards

·Visual insight dashboard development and highly sophisticated dashboards using

     D3 visualizations

·IPad implementation of four dashboards for executive directors

·Mobile deployment of dashboards using Mobile application

·Data Blending implementation of complex calculations into Dashboards

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