Harish P.

Harish P.

Full Stack Developer

Mumbai , India

Experience: 11 Years


Mumbai , India

Full Stack Developer

40036.8 USD / Year

  • Notice Period: 90 Days

11 Years

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About Me

Full Stack PHP Developer with rich experience in the areas of Project Management with strong expertiseof working on PHP and PHP framework like Symfony and Codeigniter.
Front end developer with experience in Angular and React Js.
Domain spe...

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Portfolio Projects


Cable Project


Backend Developer


1. Our Application is for Telecom companies agent.

2. Agent access the application and sell Plans and services.

3. Our Project introduced a new feature of selling Cable Lines. THis included new plans for TV & Internet.

4. Customer can avail TV & Internet based on the availility of setup in their area. 

5. Customer feeds address and availability is check with THird Party Web services if installation is possible or not.If installation is possible, application captures the order and passes the relevant data to THird party for installation of services.

6, These included status of the order, installation date and time, extra services, renewal etc..

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Project Manager (Team Lead)


Our PHP applicaation was running slow, due to the traffic.This was the reason for new proect called Flash

Flash Project

1. We identified the reasons for slowness of the application. It included Improving the infra, optimizing the PHP code and optimizing the Mysql queries

2. PHP & Mysql code was optimized using below method.

a. Unnecessary inlcudes and use were removed.

b. wherever possible "==" checks were replaced with "===".

c. Many loop and string find were replaced by preg match.

d. Redis was implemented for session management

d. Irrelevant queries were removed.

e. Indexing was applied on most frequesnt table columns.

THis lea to improve the page load time from 2.8 s to 0.8s


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Espares Loyalty


Mahindra spare loyalty

1. All the mechanics who sell Mahindra (One of the largest autommobile industry in INDIA) spareparts get loyalty points.

2. This points are accrued and updated in the system

3. THese points can be redeemed with various products and vouchers.

4. The entire E2E Journey was prepared and implement.

5. complete SDLC cycle was followed and succesfully delivered.

6. Code was developed in PHP codeigniter Framework

7. MySQL Database

8. REST Services.


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This is an e-commerce Gifting site.

1. THis was developer in core PHP and later Moved to Magento

2. Migration was taken care of from core PHP to Magento Format

3. All the Data Migration, Features like Cart, Draft, tracking your order, email templates etc.

One of the leading gifting site in INDIA.

We used core PHP, Mysql and Magento

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