Prashanth K.

Prashanth K.

Around 4 Years of Experience in Software Industry with Oracle SOA, BPEL, OSB, Apigee

Hyderabad , India

Experience: 4 Years


Hyderabad , India

Around 4 Years of Experience in Software Industry with Oracle SOA, BPEL, OSB, Apigee

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4 Years

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About Me

Ø  Having 4 years of experience with expertise in Design, Development and Implementation using Oracle SOA/OSB/Apigee.

Ø  Experience in BPEL process orchestration, Mediator for integrating between different applications.

Ø  Ex...

Ø  Experience in developing and deploying BPEL and Mediator using technology adapters (DB Adapter, JMS Adapter, File Adapter and Web Service Adapter), Fault handling and Transformations.

Ø  Design and implement error handling using the Fault Handling Framework.

Ø  Technically good in BPEL, Mediator, XML, XSD, WSDL, XSLT, XPATH, SOAP and XQUERY.

Ø  Installation of Oracle SOA Suite and Configuring the DB Adapter and JMS Adapter in Web logic console.

Ø  Worked with some repositories like SVN and TFS.

Ø  Expertise in Oracle FMW toolsets like Oracle SOA Suite 11g, 12c and Oracle Service Bus(OSB) 11g, 12c.

Ø  Proven ability to quickly learn new technologies and apply them in business solutions Ex. Apigee

Ø  A highly motivated, energetic individual and a team player with excellent analytical & problem solving skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills.

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Portfolio Projects

Project : P3 Core & NP4 Germany Client : Novartis Role


Project : P3 Core & NP4 Germany Client : Novartis Role


Software Architect


Project               :   P3 Core & NP4 Germany

Client                 :   Novartis

Role                   :   APIGEE Developer                                                                                      

Duration             :   Apr 2018 – till Date


Description:  Professional Practices Policy (P3) & Novartis Pharma Principles and Practices for Professionals (NP4) establishes global principles and policies for the professional activities of the Novartis Pharma division. It is intended to communicate what action(s) or conduct is expected of Novartis Pharma associates with regard to their professional activities.


Roles & Responsibilities

Ø  Involved in requirements gathering, customer interaction, prototyping and validation.

Ø  Worked with different teams such as the UI, Tibco Wrapper teams & back end teams to integrate various APIs

Ø  Used Apigee Management APIs for certain operations

Ø  Involved primarily in the development of the Apigee Process.

Ø  Developed Apigee process that contains Exceptions Handling to capture the fault rule, default fault rule faults.

Ø  Conversion of different XML formats in each other.

Ø  Provided solution by aggregating transactions on daily or hourly schedule jobs that gained performance and for validating complex scenario, created unit tests using Junit and functional test using Rest Assured.

Ø  Apigee Killer is the product created to check the performance of each component of Apigee product and fixed lots of issues

Ø  Integrating with client and updating the status.

Ø  Involved in unit testing, deployment and user acceptance test.


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Ø Competent in using Integration/Orchestration tools like Oracle BPEL process manager, Oracle SOA Suite 12C, SOAPUI.

Ø Adept in XML and developing complicated XSD’s.

Ø Highly proficient in Oracle SOA suite of products mostly REST adapter configuration.

Ø  Experienced and Adept with development tools like Jdeveloper 12C and Eclipse and Enterprise Scheduler in 12c.

Ø Experienced in testing the WebServices through SOAPUI.

Ø Expertise in using XSLT, XSD, and WSDL.Developed various Web Services using WSDL, SOAP and Oracle Jdeveloper12C. Experienced in building the customer relation. Can work individually or in a team, with the same level of efficiency.

Ø Keeping track of the project and reporting the same on a regular basis to the client management, addressing any technical issues, deployment, providing architectural recommendations to the client.

Ø Interact with other teams to track the status of the implementation. Developing the WebServices using WSDL, SOAP and Oracle Jdeveloper 12C.

Ø Documenting the gathered requirements. Testing the WebServices through SOAPUI and through endpoint URL.Interacting with the customer to know the requirements and put them in a document.

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