Anil K.

Anil K.

Product Manager

, India

Experience: 2 Years


Product Manager

2 Years

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About Me

I am an adaptable professional who has been consistently praised as focused by my co-workers and management. Over the course of my 9-year career, I’ve developed a skill set directly relevant to the Product Manager role which includies Creating...


My interests are to create products which can solve the users problem. As I have been working in startup from starting of my carrer I have been involved in all the process which a Product go through. I have also interest in managing the delivery of Product and client interactions to collect feedback and improve the product. Other keen interest recently I developed on is DevOps technology. I started to learn by myself and want to implement the same CI/CD process as part of our organisation.



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Portfolio Projects

Robotics for DataWipe and Diagnostics of Mobile

Automation of Wipe and Diagnostics using Robotics to gain more throughput


Robotics for DataWipe and Diagnostics of Mobile


Interaction with Program team,Creation of specifications, creation of backlog items, creating sprint items, Scrum meeting, Release notes, Sprint retrospective


Robotics project helps in achieving the greater throughput by automating most of the manual steps of the operator. It also helps in determining the results accurately and quickly when compared to manual operations.

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