Kiran kumar B.

Kiran kumar B.

Aspiring MERN Stack Developer

Visakhapatnam , India

Experience: 2 Years

Kiran kumar

Visakhapatnam , India

Aspiring MERN Stack Developer

USD / Year

2 Years

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About Me

With NxtWave's CCBP 4.0 Intensive, I'm learning fullstack development with a specialization in 4.0 technologies. I'm in love with the coding challenges and hands-on projects. With Industry's first ever IRC 4.0, I'm equipped wit...

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Portfolio Projects

Nxt Trendz ( ECommerce Clone - Amazon, Flipkart)


Nxt Trendz ( ECommerce Clone - Amazon, Flipkart)


Full-Stack Developer


Implemented Nxt Trendz application which is a clone for ECommerce applications like Amazon, Flipkart where users can login and can see list of products with search, filters, sort by, etc..

  • Implemented Different pages and routes for Login, Products, Product details using React Router components Route, Switch, Link, props, state, lists, event handlers, form inputs.

  • Authenticating and authorizing users by taking username, password and doing login POST HTTP API Call and implementing filters by sending them as query parameters to product api calls.

  • Persisted user login state by keeping jwt token in local storage, Sending it in headers of further api calls to authorize the user.

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