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Senior Developer

Role overview

1. You have one or two programming languages under your belt that you are very comfortable in. You can reflect on the language runtime, developer ecosystem, choice of libraries, and quality of code and tests.

2. You can reason about systems holistically, taking into account maintainability, speed of delivery, and performance goals.

3. You are comfortable ramping up on unfamiliar tech stacks, digging into legacy code bases, identifying the good, bad and ugly parts of a codebase and making improvements incrementally.

4. You have mentored folks either formally through training or informally, while working with them.

What would you do here

1. You get to work on interesting and impactful projects across varied domains, through which you’re able to pursue your interests.

2. You will be able to grow in the direction you want, rather than conform to a rigid growth rubric.

3. You get to work with people who are kind, smart, and care about doing things the “right way”, while learning and improving constantly. We're also fully transparent and are constantly working on people centric policies.

4. You get to see and participate in the challenges of the business, and get creative about solving them. All while having the stability and security of a large company.

5. This combination of working on interesting things, with the right people, in the right setting often results in accelerated career growth, satisfaction at work, and a good balance of life and work

Job Type



Full-Stack Developers

Must have Skills

  • Ruby on Rails - 4 Years


  • Go Lang - 2 Years


  • Clojure



New Delhi [UTC +5]


english - Fluent

34 - 67 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote


Sneha D

United States