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Senior React Developer

About Role:

  • We are looking for a skilled react.js developer to join our front-end development team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and implementing user interface components using React.js concepts and workflows such as Redux, Flux, and Webpack.
  • You will also be responsible for profiling and improving front-end performance and documenting our front-end codebase.
  • To ensure success as a react.js developer, you should have in-depth knowledge of JavaScript and React concepts, excellent front-end coding skills, and a good understanding of progressive web applications. Ultimately, a top-class react.js developer should be able to design and build modern user interface components to enhance application performance. In this role
  • you will be responsible for writing and testing scalable code, developing back-end components, and integrating user-facing elements in collaboration with front-end developers and the AI/ML team.
  • To be successful as a Senior React Developer, you should possess in-depth knowledge of React.js, algorithmic development using data structures, and experience with server-side logic


● Create new features or parts of applications

● Develop components and libraries that are reusable and future-proof

● Confident in using UI/UX designs or wireframes to create the respective code and the application

● Use your knowledge on React.js and its lifecycle to maximise components performance across different devices and browsers Required Skills &


● 8+ Years of experience working on UI/UX, advanced Javscript frameworks and developing highly scalable and available applications from scratch.

● Deep understanding of React.js and its fundamentals, ideally including modern features like hooks

● Excellent understanding of Javascript including the OOP concept and how shadow DOM and DOM work

● Experience with widely used React.js state managers like Flux, Redux, Thunks or Sagas (if known which are used, specify)

● Experience with data structure libraries like Immutable.js

● Knowledge of RESTful APIs

● Know how to implement authorisation with mechanisms like OAuth, JSON Web Token

● Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools like Webpack, Babel, NPM etc.

● Knowledge of the overall browser rendering behaviour and measuring and optimising performance

● Strong hands-on experience with source code management systems like Git (if using another system please specify which)

● Understanding of what the business / stakeholders need and transfer that into your project

● Experience working on Cloud such as AWS, Azure will be an added advantage

Job Type



Frontend Developers

Must have Skills

  • Typescript
  • AWS
  • Redux
  • React.Js - 5 Years
  • JavaScript

27 - 38 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote


Tejaswini S

United States