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CTO and Developer (Fitness Startup)

You will be the digital and development lead for the FiTbyPhase: Pocket Coach (v3) mobile app. These will be your high-level tasks:

- Head product development
- Code and develop mobile app Pocket Coach version 3
- Meet with other founders to discuss vision and implementation weekly
- Provide creative solutions for mobile development, digital infrastructure, and product growth/development
- Champion tech support and QA
- Work hand in hand with a growing start up with a grand vision


We are looking for a co-founder and partner of our profitable startup. We are fitness oriented co-founders but need a mobile development at our core. 

Looking for more of a partner than an outsourcing relationship. Can offer mix of equity (up to 20%) and Partial Salary (up to $3k/mo) to be negotiated. 

Job Type

Contract Base

Must have Skills

  • Java (All Versions)


  • React Native


3 - 14 USD/Hour (Hourly rate)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote

United States, Argentina, United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil, Ukraine, Germany, France, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Romania, Italy, Colombia, Poland, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, Belarus, Hungary, Finland, Greece, Peru, Belgium, Costa Rica, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Norway, Dominican Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia, Chile, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Cyprus, Montenegro, Slovakia, Honduras, Jersey, Monaco, Nicaragua, Panama, Albania, Paraguay, Andorra, Moldova, Haiti, Saint Martin, San Marino, Slovenia, Vatican

Chad H

United States