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3D Computer Vision Engineer/Researcher

We using the latest advances in Computer Vision and Deep Learning, and a ground-up approach to high-performance cloud computing. We are looking for a engineer/researcher with experience in 3D reconstruction and multi-view geometry to help us architect our software from scratch. You will be working with high-performing, young people with years of experience in computer vision, deep learning and robotics. Your responsibilities will include

  • Implementing high-performing algorithms in C++, Python and CUDA.
  • Solving large-scale problems (Bundle Adjustment, Meshing, Densification).
  • Leveraging AI for augmenting classical computer vision techniques at each step of the reconstruction pipeline.
  • Working with a close-knit cloud engineering team to deploy applications in containerized microservices.
  • Reading, implementing and improving upon research papers.

Job Type

Contract Base

Must have Skills

  • Computer Vision

7 - 15 USD/Hour (Hourly rate)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote


Siddharth J

Payment Verified India