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Rust Developer

You are experienced in Rust production development?
Have a good understanding of the Rust ecosystem?
Are good at algorithms and data structures, operating systems, backend and frontend solutions, code optimization?
Keen on decentralized systems and modern cryptography?
Love teamwork and want to write open-source code?

Design, research and develop blockchain-based solutions. You may also be engaged into:
Developing decentralized high-performance systems
Building reliable and fast data storages
Working with virtual machines used by modern blockchains: WebAssembly, EVM, TVM
Implementing consensus algorithms and other protocols
Programming and optimizing smart contracts
Security audits of third-party and internal solutions
Developing infrastructure software

Required qualifications: 
Willingness to learn on the go, ability to write open-source code and work in a team, a strong sense of responsibility.
Tech Stack: Rust, cargo, git, basic knowledge of high-level language (-s) (JavaScript is preferable), Linux, bash, ability to work with Docker.

Nice to have:
Understanding of (experience in) C++/Java/Go; any background knowledge relevant for the position, such as: blockchain development experience, cryptography and system software development experience, understanding of operating systems, networks, ability to design algorithms and mathematical models.

Job Type



Full-Stack Developers

Must have Skills

  • Rust


Up to 450 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote

Aleksey M