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Technical Architect

As the technical architect, you will be responsible for Translating business requirements into Functional requirements and Functional Requirements into Technical requirements, design and architecture. Your role includes defining the overall structure of a program or system. You’ll act as a project manager, overseeing project/ product task assignments that are aimed at improving the business, and ensuring all parts of the project run smoothly.Because you’ll be working from start to finish on each project, it’s essential to understand all aspects of each system, from both a business and technical point of view. This means having full working knowledge of technologies such as Server and Client versions of Operating systems, Oracle, SQL Server, Dot net, Java, C++, HTML, http, TCP/IP for example, as well as a strong grip of one or more programming languages.You can work in many different industries/ domains as a technical architect, from planning the structure of a large-scale CRM, Trader Room for Forex, Remittance and Advisory domains, to the Investment Advisory platform, to name a few.Depending on your responsibility and level in the company, you'll either oversee one part of a system's framework, or you could oversee the whole product set(s).A lot of your time will be spent liaising with people from different backgrounds, from management to designers and programmers in the development team, to ensure the project meets the needs of the clients’ organization and the internal users or clients who'll be using it.RESPONSIBILITIES• Identifying the organizations’ needs including its’ internal users, clients and overall business/ statutory/ regulatory requirements• Breaking down large scale projects into manageable chunks/ sprints and further pulses• Working out which IT products to use based on cost benefit analysis and research• Agreeing plans with the client• Solutioning and explaining it to the designers and developers and overseeing the progressSimptra Technologies Pvt• Producing documents that monitor progress and work with the QA/ Testing team to ensure the quality of the project• Advising the client on managing future IT needsREQUIREMENTS • Good communication with clients/operational managers – listening and providing answers• Strong problem-solving skills• Ability to build good relationships with clients/operational managers and colleagues• Ability to gather and assimilate information• Up to date knowledge of technical applications• Good knowledge of quality standards, legislation and best practice• Ability to be adapt and prioritize• Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines• Ability to think ahead and anticipate problems, issues and solutions• Experience in service-oriented architecture (SOA) and API based applications• In-depth technical knowledge in Asp.Net, SQL, Oracle, C++ preferably; and good to have knowledge in Java/J2EE.• Require BSc/BA in Computer Science, Engineering degree or related, subject to demonstrate you have enough technical knowledge to perform well in the role. This may be in computer sciences or computer engineering, information management systems, software development or business information systems.EQUIREMENTS• Experience includes systems architecting, development, analysis, programming.• Experience in Forex, Wealth Management, Stock, Futures, Options and overall trading industry will be preferred.

Job Type



Software Architects

Must have Skills

  • HTTP
  • HTML
  • Oracle - 1 Years
  • Java (All Versions)

Up to 27 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Partially Remote Surat, Gujarat, India

Sarah P