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Senior Unity Developer

Full-time remote work.Storytelling platforms have not evolved with smartphones, as we still consume stories being passive observers. At Raidenbit, we are building KahaniBox - The Netflix for interactive fiction in Indian languages. We create stories with immersive roleplay experiences that allow the audience to control how the stories unfold and end. And while doing that, we are solving some fascinating problems around decoding human psychology and understanding our audience’s content tastes using engineering and data science.

We are looking for experienced Unity Developers - the ones who would help us in making KahaniBox the largest interactive fiction platform globally. You would be maintaining/fixing/improving our existing android/iOS games while working 100% remotely in flexible timings.


  • 2+ years of enthusiastic experience on Unity and at least 2 published games.
  • C#7 / .NET 4.7
  • Android and iOS development

  • IdealJson.NET - writing converters and contract resolvers
  • Objective-C/Swift - specifically for writing native iOS plugins
  • Java/Kotlin - specifically for writing native Android plugins
  • Experience with any major analytics platform
  • CI/CD (GitHub Actions, or any other major platform)
  • Testing (unit and integration)


  • PlayFab .NET API
  • Facebook Unity SDK
  • Amplitude/Gameanalytics
  • Cloud Infra - AWS and Google Cloud.
  • ANTLR (or another parser language).

Job Type



Mobile Developers

Must have Skills

  • Android
  • iOS - 1 Years
  • Unity 3D
  • C Sharp

7 - 25 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote


Zaid A