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Senior Software Engineer | Vietnam

About Epsilo
We are proud to provide technology platforms and services to more than 400 online shops that collectively generate over US$280 million of annualized gross merchandising value, and have worked with over 200 customer brands such as Procter and Gamble, Unilever, L’Oréal, and Reckitt Benckiser. In 2020, we are thrilled to join Surge, Sequoia’s India scale-up program, to accelerate our growth and expansion in the region
Your mission will be one of the below 

  • The engineers in this squad will need to collaborate with the platform tribe, whose mission is to secure API-integrate with marketplaces, to design, implement and scale back-end and front-end technology standards & frameworks that help Epsilo's client operate & optimize marketing activities on multiple types of marketplaces seamlessly and independently right on Epsilon. They also work closely with the product manager and the UX to design a mass and closed-loop marketing optimization flow based on the PDCA approach. To get to such promised land, you need to be tough, decisive, entrepreneurial, self-motivational to get over all the challenges along the way. This mission is unique.
  • Ensure the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the API integration with up to 72 marketplaces in 42 countries. We want to build and maintain an SLA of 99% API uptime with marketplaces regardless of API type including seller center, onsite marketplace, and other advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. They may need to develop a monitoring and auditing system, recovery automation as well as prevention system. 
  • What you will be responsible for 
    •  You need to identify the problem, design a solution, plan, phase the implementation. 
    • Collaborating across stakeholders such as data scientists, engineers, and squad leaders to deliver technical solutions that solve customers' problems. 
    • Writing code, unit tests, and technical documents.
    • Participating in system design to maintain our high development standards. 
    • Participating in interview loops to help hire the best engineers in the industry. 
    • Jumping the extra mile to identify customer needs and pain-points

    The Requirement We are looking at bar-raising engineers who have 
    • At least 7 years of hands-on engineering experience 
    • Strong experience with at least one of the following languages is required: PHP, Golang, Python, Typescrip
    • Strong knowledge in fundamentals: data structures, algorithms, OOP, and design pattern 
    • Hands-on experiences in building high-performing and scalable systems 
    • Have made tough technical decisions based on requirements, trade-offs, and user experience 
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills; sharp analytical abilities with proven design skills; ability to think critically about growth and stability 
    • Experience in enterprise software-as-a-service is an advantage but not a must 

    The Process 
    • First round: An interview with our HR team 
    • Second round: An interview with our CEO 
    • Third round: A technical interview with our squad leaders 
    • Fourth round (discussion): optional

    Job Type



    Full-Stack Developers

    Must have Skills

    • PHP - 5 Years
    • Python
    • API Development
    • Go Lang
    • Design Patterns
    • OOPS
    • SAAS
    • Typescript
    • Data Structures
    • API Integration
    • Data Structures And Algorithms

    14 - 54 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

    Longterm (Duration)

    Fully Remote


    Quang T