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staff backend engineer


  • Build and implement product vision and strategy for the initiative which will bring the next wave of growth for the company.
  • Meet regularly with key customers to collect and analyse feedback to shape new product ideas and user requirements.
  • Understand the market and customers to identify and define problems that the data and data science team should solve and build business cases for solving these problems.
  • Work with the leadership team in defining the product strategy and roadmap.
  • Convert ideas to prototypes and demonstrate them to the key partners.
  • Represent the company in product or domain-specific conferences and events.
  • Stay on top of the market and competitions.
  • Use data, creativity, and experimentation to constantly improve the product experience.

  • Have at least 3+ years working on building products or problem solving in startups.
  • Seek high ownership, independent environments and feedback oriented cultures.
  • Have business acumen to appreciate and understand levers for business growth and profitability.
  • Are comfortable with ambiguity, believe in first principles and have the skill to transform broad ideas into action plans.
  • Have great organisational and leadership skills.
  • Have empathy towards users and colleagues, are creative and excited by ideating/ building.
  • Have shipped at least 3 full product releases, from product inception, release through live site support.

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Eastern Daylight [UTC -4]

Central Daylight [UTC -5]

Mountain Daylight [UTC -6]

Pacific Daylight [UTC -7]

21 - 24 USD/Hour (Hourly rate)

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Fully Remote

United States, Canada

Suvarchala V