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Front-End Developer | UI Expert

The Frontend Developer will be an active member of the technology team, contributing to every phase of a project from prototyping and validation to coding and debugging. In short, you will use your technical and creative skills to create exceptional web experiences. We use some of the most popular frameworks to build and deliver projects including React / JAM Stack etc but ultimately it all boils down to HTML, CSS, and JS. A strong grasp of “vanilla” Javascript (i.e.: not needing to rely on a framework) will help you greatly in this role. Experience with performance, accessibility or Adobe AEM is a bonus.The successful candidate will have a strong knowledge of front-end development, design, animation frameworks, motion design, UX, and the ability to bring them all together to create experiences that are as beautiful as they are functional

  • Collaborate with Visual and UX Designers, Sr. and Architect Level developers, digital strategists and project managers to create sophisticated digital experiences using technologies such as HTML / CSS / JS / React / Gatsby / Storybook / Netlify / Content Stack etc. 
  • Work in an agile environment which includes stand ups, backlog refinement, peer review, continuous integration and continuous delivery. 
  • Create accessible, semantically correct, responsive front-ends that function across all major browsers and devices
  • Mentor Others in modern web component-oriented development practices using technologies including React, GraphQL, Gatsby etc. 
  • Implement user interface with personalizations and contextualization from 3rd party user data
  • Maintain and support third party integrations including Identity Platforms, Search, Analytics, various Marketing technologies, Custom APIs, Cookies and local storage providers. 
  • Research, Establish and Enforce Code and design standards for maintainability, usability and accessibility. 
  • Other duties may be also assigned 

  • Requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, a related degree from an accredited college or university or equivalent experience
  • At least 3-5+ years relevant industry experience
  • Must be available to work in PST / PDT working hours
  • Thorough knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript
  • A clean, organized, well-documented coding style. Preferably OOP
  • Experience developing with modern front-end tools. e.g., React, JAM Stack, SASS, Node, Webpack, Gulp Assemble, Browserify, jQuery, Handlebars, BrowserStack
  • Experience working with Continuous integration tools such as Jenkins, Git Webhooks, Git Actions etc. 
  • Experience working with or familiarity with Lambda functions and microservice architecture.
  • A passion for emerging technologies and their application to complex problems 
  • Ability to learn new tech stacks reasonably quickly
  • Expertise in responsive design and cross-platform development
  • Ability to work cross-functionally with multiple teams and partner with resources in the broader Design group to scale and deliver amazing work
  • Ability to work across multiple projects and launches while keeping a cool head
  • Ability to perform well in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment
  • Willingness to take risks and try new things
  • Familiarity with Adobe Experience Manager is highly desirable
  • Flexibility (within reason) to work outside normal business hours
  • Previous agency or consulting experience highly desirable

Job Type

Contract Base More than 30 hrs / Week


Frontend Developers

Must have Skills

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • SASS
  • Webpack
  • Prototyping
  • Material UI
  • Motion design
  • UI And UX Design
  • Storybook.JS
  • UI


Pacific Daylight [UTC -7]

21 - 56 USD/Hour (Hourly rate)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote

United States

Mitali Z