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Lead Test Engineer

QuSecure, Inc. an exciting Silicon Valley startup is looking for a test lead experienced in product lines including protocols, server applications, browser clients, mobile applications, drivers across these platforms, and administration interfaces. We prefer candidates with experience in cybersecurity. We highly value teamwork and authentic leadership and prefer demonstrated skills within and building highly productive, engaged, and collaborative teams. 


  • Establish test approaches, architectures, and frameworks 
  • Create subsystem and system test plans, including stability, performance, overload, and adversarial testing 
  • Guide unit test activities 
  • Setup test environments, including automation frameworks 
  • Lead and execute test plans 
  • Analyze and report on test results 
  • Conduct readiness and exit reviews 
  • Hire and build test team 
  • Work closely with Development, Vulnerability Analysis, and Field Deployment leads and teams to build highest quality product and customer experience 
  • Create environment validation for product deployments – server and end-user clients 
  • Create schedules, tracking, metrics, and status to executive team 
  • Participate as needed in customer support, productization, system architecture and design, vulnerability analysis 


  • Preference for experience with development of and products based on C, C++, REST, React, Electron 
  • Preference for experience in GitLab, CI/CD/CT, and Google Test solutions 
  • Experience debugging at source and instruction levels 
  • Preference for OS-level testing (services, drivers, libraries) 
  • Prefer experience using Jira and Jira integrations to organize and plan all testing activities 


Job Type

Contract Base More than 30 hrs / Week


Backend Developers

Full-Stack Developers

Frontend Developers

QA Testers

Software Architects

Must have Skills

  • C++ - 5 Years


  • REST - 5 Years



Pacific Daylight [UTC -7]


english - Fluent

45 - 52 USD/Hour (Hourly rate)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote

United States

Lori S

United States