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Junior AI Developer

Junior AI Devloper

Core Responsibilities

• To study and convert data science prototypes. 

• To design and develop Machine Learning systems and schemes. 

• To perform statistical analysis and fine-tune models using test results.

• To find available datasets online for training purposes. 

• To train and re-train ML systems and models as and when necessary. 

• To extend and enrich existing ML frameworks and libraries.

• To develop Machine Learning apps according to customer/client requirements.

• To research, experiment with, and implement suitable ML algorithms and tools.

• To analyze the problem-solving capabilities and use-cases of ML algorithms and rank them by their success probability.

• To explore and visualize data for better understanding and identify differences in data distribution that could impact model performance when deploying it in real-world scenarios.


• Advanced degree in Computer Science/Math/Statistics or a related discipline.

• Advanced Math and Statistics skills (linear algebra, calculus, Bayesian statistics, mean, median, variance, etc.)

• Robust data modelling and data architecture skills.

• Programming experience in Python, R, Java, C++, etc.

• Knowledge of Big Data frameworks like Hadoop, Spark, Pig, Hive, Flume, etc.

• Experience in working with ML frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras.

• Experience in working with various ML libraries and packages like Scikit learn, Theano, Tensorflow, Matplotlib, Caffe, etc.

• Strong written and verbal communications

• Excellent interpersonal and collaboration skills.


• Minimum 0-4 years of experience 

• Should have involved in developing and fine tuning models in supervised or semi supervised or unsupervised learnings


• BE/B.Tech Computer Science, M.Sc Mathemetics/Statistics

• Certified with a reputated or renowed universities in AI - Preferred

Job Type



Backend Developers

Must have Skills

  • Java (All Versions)
  • Python
  • Hadoop
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • TensorFlow

14 - 21 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Onsite Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Sankarsh C