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Groupit - A place for all communities


  • Exhibit A: No communication layer - Indian Railways has over 13L employees but no way to reach each of them on the same day. Coal India has 5L employees and has the same problem.
  • Exhibit B: Reliance on asynchronous communication - ICAI (The Professional Chartered Accountants body) relies on 1000s of WhatsApp groups to reach the more than 3L members and 2L students.
  • Exhibit C: Lack of effective payment collection - The INTUC Trade Union (3 Cr members) struggles to collect membership fees from its members. Most of it is never received or siphoned off.

What? - Community Platform to manage large communities

  • Over 20% of the country is part of at least one large community (1000+ members). However, it is tough to communicate with all group members, collect payments and organise events.
  • Slack and Discord solve a lot of these problems for tech-savvy users but the large chunk of 500 Mn+ users residing in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities have no easy, simple solution.
  • In conversation with the Target Group, we realised the following:Things still happen manually.
  • Membership forms are printed, handed out, filled in. At times they are scanned.
  • There exist terrible cash collection mechanisms etc. We realised the same problem persists for a number of large communities in our network. (10L+ members)
  • That is where apps like Kutumb came up and swept the market. However, apps like Kutumb themselves have a number of challenges. (https://kutumb.app/)
  • We are making a simple, app-first platform for community leaders to build, engage and manage their communities. (Eg. Trade Unions, Religious groups, Political organisations, Professional bodies etc.) These communities can accept membership fees, donations etc.
  • App Referenceshttps://kutumb.app/
  • https://slack.com/intl/en-in/
  • https://www.pensil.in/
  • https://github.com/pensil-inc
  • https://www.discourse.org/
  • https://discord.com/
  • https://www.whatsapp.com/


  • 500 Million people who have only been serviced with apps like WhatsApp.
  • Advertising, Vertical integrations, payments etc can provide significant recurring revenue.


  • I come from a family of lawyers and High Court judges. We have a strong network of Trade Unions, Religious and Political organisations and Professional bodies (CA, Law, Medicine).
  • Community-driven products depend more on network effect than anything else. With the right team, we can solve a problem at scale and create tremendous value for the people at large.


  • Join in if you are a software developer (App, Web, Back-End, Front-End)
  • Join in you believe in this problem and want to be part of the team that solves it.
  • ESOPs, $$$, Flexibility, Part Time till we reach a certain stage.

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Up to 9.342199802398682 USD/Hour (Hourly rate)

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India, United States, Sri Lanka, Nepal

Chintan M