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Backend Developer(.Net)

Net Developer

Job Responsibilities – Day to Day tasks

· Develop and compile code, verify results and follow established SDLC to bring tasks to completion and successful deployment to production.

· Write code for a variety technologies & languages including front-end presentation layer, back-end data layers, and the middle business layers

· Troubleshoot issues reported by users

· Enhance and expand existing system functionalities

· Create new software solutions as needed

· Participate in SCRUM rituals including stand up meetings & collaborate with development team to bring projects and tickets to completion

· Check-in code and work with source control to minimize risk and maximize team efficiency

· Participate in meetings and provide unique insight based on knowledge and experience

· Mentor more junior members of the team and coach as needed.

· Handle pull requests, do code reviews and other team activities as needed in order to build a strong SDLC

Key Competencies Required

· Deep knowledge of Software Development processes:

Knowledge of source control, use of online ticketing systems, Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), Agile/SCRUM methodologies, IDE’s, Database and other coding languages and associated tools and frameworks. Ability to provide estimates based on limited information within a short time frame.

Source Control: Knowledge of Git and similar source control technologies

· Deep knowledge of algorithms and data structures: Basic data structures like arrays, lists and classes. Intermediate structures and concepts such as Recursion, Hash Tables, Trees. Advanced structures like Red and Black trees, sorting and other more complex algorithms. Able to create new custom algorithms and data structures leveraging new and existing knowledge.

· Programming concepts: Knowledge of general programming concepts such as OOP, loops, conditional statements and other basic programming concepts. Familiar with N-tier architectures. Familiar with a variety of different languages and able to determine the right technology for the job based on business need. Deep understanding of concepts like Design Patterns and able to use them effectively based on the situation presented.

· Intermediate/Advanced Databases: Principles of Database querying, running queries and SQL statements, creating or modifying stored procedures, triggers, indexes. Knowledge of how to design efficient and effective databases and tables.

· Intermediate/Advanced Optimization: understanding of how to optimize SQL queries and C# code to be more efficient. Should be able to spot areas and code that require

Job Type



Backend Developers

Must have Skills

  • C Sharp

14 - 17 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Partially Remote Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India


Joseph J