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Ionic Developer Full Stack (MERN)

Job description:

Building an Ionic 6 app to be deployed to Android, iOS and Web (PWA) platforms. The frontend will communicate with the existing backend web APIs for retrieving and storing app data. You will be re-building the existing app's current functionality in the new frontend, and also adding new features to the frontend and backend.

The new Ionic 6 app will use common app features, such as:

Push notifications / local notifications

In-app purchases (subscriptions and one-time purchases)

Camera functionality

User analytics

Firebase integration

Ad display (Ad Butler API)

And others

The app has many features that are common on popular social networks. Understanding of social networking apps is useful.

Job type: full-time remote contractor

Experience: 4+ years

Salary: ₹5 - ₹7 LPA. Payment issued weekly.


Required technical skills – Frontend:

- Extensive experience with the Ionic Framework (good to know Ionic 6, but no less than Ionic 5)

- Capacitor 3

- Modern TypeScript + JavaScript (ES6)

- React (with functional components)



- Git (plus experience with pull requests)

- Experience publishing Ionic apps to the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and the web

- Experience with frontend application testing (unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests) with a popular test framework (Jest, Jasmine, etc.)

Required technical skills – Backend:

- Node.js + NPM

- Express

- MongoDB

- Mongoose

- Git (plus experience with pull requests)

- Experience with backend Node.js application testing (unit tests, integration tests, end-to-end tests) with a popular test framework (Jest, Jasmine, etc.)

- Experience with deploying and running a backend app on cloud services (specifically, AWS)

Other skills to achieve success:

- Able to work with a team

- Able to provide accurate time estimates

- Able to quickly learn new technologies

- Able to quickly read through and understand unfamiliar code

- Good code quality (clear comments, specific well-named functions, etc.)

- Good documentation creation skills

- Good communication skills

- Good troubleshooting skills

- Experience collaborating with other developers

- Accepting of feedback in code reviews

Job Type

Contract Base More than 30 hrs / Week


Full-Stack Developers

Web Developers

Must have Skills

  • Node.Js - 4 Years
  • HTML - 5 Years
  • CSS - 3 Years
  • JavaScript - 4 Years


  • React.Js - 3 Years
  • Express.Js - 4 Years
  • Git - 2 Years
  • MongoDB - 3 Years
  • Typescript - 3 Years
  • Ionic Framework - 4 Years


  • Mongoose.JS - 3 Years


New Delhi [UTC +5]


english - Fluent

2 - 3 USD/Hour (Hourly rate)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote


Damon D

United States