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Senior Software Engineer - JavaScript

As a JavaScript Engineer, you will be required to work on various JavaScript libraries that are served on our customers’ websites thereby impacting millions of users. These libraries are the core of all the features of VWO. 

We love vanilla JavaScript and work with cutting-edge technologies like TypeScript, Rollup.js, Cypress, ESLint.

We are obsessed with Web Performance.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Development of Core JavaScript libraries.
  • Writing reusable code or modules that can be used across all the JavaScript libraries.
  • Talking about your work - we love open source software, we heavily use them, and talking about how we use them is the least we can do to help the community.

 Skills & Experience:-

  • 4-5 Years of Experience
  • Passion for writing Vanilla JavaScript
  • Strong knowledge and experience in JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • Work Experience with TypeScript
  • Deep understanding of the DOM, Browser Events, JavaScript APIs, Canvas rendering, etc.
  • Deep understanding of how the browsers work.
  • Regard for optimizations that focus to deliver content to the user as quickly as possible.
  • Awesome Debugging Skills.
  • Passion to write automated tests to verify the working of libraries (You can’t possibly verify things on all devices and on all browsers manually). We use Cypress for this.
  • Understanding the similarities and differences across browsers (young and old).
  • Experience in writing modular JavaScript code
  • Knowledge of high-level programming concepts like promises, data-binding.
  • Passion to stay up to date with the constantly evolving world of front-end development.


We have the following levels within different grades in our engineering team

Senior Software Engineer 1 

Senior Software Engineer 2

Lead Engineer 1

Engineering Manager 

Senior Engineering Manager

Associate Director 



Chief Technology Officer 

Expectations from you to succeed in this role 

We have identified some must-have expectations from this role. As a senior software engineer, you will be meeting expectations (which is a good indicator of your performance) if you qualify for all must-have expectations for most sprints. Differentiators are not explicit expectations but would exceed expectations from this role and would likely put you as a great performer. 

Timely delivery (Must Have)

  1. The most important expectation from any individual. This expectation is independent of the experience level.
  2. Can be defined as the delivery of the tasks within the agreed time frame along with agreed quality standards.
  3. Can be broadly categorized into the following streams:
  4. Feature Requests - To deliver new feature requests as per the agreed scope at the start of the sprint. Definition of Done (DOD) still needs to mature.
  5. Customer Bugs - To be delivered in a linked sprint. In certain cases, some critical bugs can take the highest priority.
  6. Tech Debt - Timely delivery of tech debt tasks with scope finalized at the start of the sprint. Again, quality standards must be followed.

Ownership & Accountability (Must Have)

  1. This expectation will vary according to the experience level as well as the role.
  2. Junior team members are expected to deliver their tasks with help from others.
  3. Senior team members are expected to help junior team members as well as deliver their own tasks. They are also expected to take ownership of the end-to-end delivery of projects including stakeholders management.
  4. Some individuals performing some specific roles like Scrum Masters are expected to perform role-specific duties. 

Quality delivery (Must Have)

  1. Deliver tasks adhering to the existing quality standards. 
  2. Quality standards may vary from service to service. Everyone should agree on the benchmark and should follow it strictly
  3. Dev Testing is very crucial before handing over anything for QA. Any obvious misses in requirements or bugs should be considered as bad quality delivery.
  4. Repeated misses in pull requests will be considered bad quality

Teamwork (Must Have)

  1. Coordination among team members during sprints.
  2. How well team members can resolve blockers without external help.
  3. Effective communication between team members. If things are getting delayed because of poor communication, it’s a bad sign.
  4. For senior members, coordination with other teams i.e. Product, Design, other stakeholders is also important

Self-initiation (Differentiator)

  1. Ideas to improve current architecture and to take the ideas to completion
  2. If something crucial is being reported, how fast someone is resolving it
  3. How are people reacting to their free time? Are they always trying to utilize it by working on things from backlog or tech debt items?

Engineering Performance Process

We follow a continuous performance cycle inline with our sprint cycles. A 360 review based on agile principles is rolled out after every two sprints that covers feedback on and from scrum masters and peers. 

A formal review is kicked off twice a year and the feedback from sprint cycles is accommodated for a holistic evaluation. 

Its not all work! 

Between work and learning, we don’t forget to have fun!

→ As an engineering team member working remotely, you get an allowance of 35k INR to set up your home office.

→ Health insurance of 5 Lakhs for you and dependents

→ A self-initiated learning and development budget of $400/year for training courses and online certifications 

→ Executive coaching for engineering leaders 

→ Access to free unlimited mental health sessions 

Job Type



Frontend Developers

Must have Skills

  • CSS 3
  • Typescript
  • JavaScript - 4 Years
  • HTML

27 - 47 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote


Gurpreet S