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Golang developer

We are seeking a dedicated Golang Developer to join our growing company.

Experience: 2-5 years

Relevant experience: 2years


  • Must have experience in gin framework
  • Atleast two years of relevant experience in Go language
  • Strong knowledge of Go programming language
  • Knowledge of common Goroutine and channel patterns
  • Experience with the full site of Go frameworks and tools, including:
  • Dependency management tools such as Godep, Sltr, etc.
  • Go’s templating language
  • Go’s code generation tools, such as Stringer
  • Popular Go web frameworks, such as Revel
  • Router packages, such as Gorilla Mux
  • Ability to write clean and effective Godoc comments

Job Type


Must have Skills

  • Go Lang - 2 Years


english - Fluent

7 - 21 K/Year USD (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Onsite Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Shalini R

United States