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Angular Developer

  • We are looking for someone to help us upgrade our Angular 9 project to Angular 13 but the application uses very specific technologies which will be listed below.

  • The application currently uses a bootstrap framework that is no longer supported in the newer version of Angular called Bootstrap Admin, which will require extensive updates to various SaSS and Javascript files with minimal impact to the UI on the front-end.

  • Also, the application uses Linting and Angular 9 used TSLint while Angular 13 uses ESLint so the linting rules will need migrated to the newer technology.

  • You must have upgraded a complex Angular project in the past.

  • The application also uses services that tie into Microsoft's Authentication Library (MSAL) which will need updated as well.

  • The application is hosted on Azure DevOps and the migration scripts for the various environments needs setup as well to move from Development to UAT and then to Production. Experience with Azure DevOps and migrating the Angular source to the various environments is a must.

Job Type

Contract Base More than 30 hrs / Week


Full-Stack Developers

Web Developers

Must have Skills

  • Angular.Js - 5 Years



New Delhi [UTC +5]


english - Conversational

4 - 8 USD/Hour (Hourly rate)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote


Rakshit B