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Where Recruitment Becomes Easier and Income Goes 10x Higher

Up to 55%

You can earn up to 55% commission on each hire*

Earn from Rs 70,000
to Rs 5,00,000

You can earn from Rs 70,000 to as high as Rs 5,00,000 and even more as commission per hire*

Training, Data, and
Lead Support

Get access to advanced training, a verified database, and sales & lead support

OptimHire Advocate since 2018

“I love recommending OptimHire to my clients because it’s simply the most affordable and fastest platform to hire IT talent for any business, as well as for candidates who are looking for high-paying jobs from across the world”


Full-Time Recruitment Partner, OptimHire

From the Desk of Lakshmi M. Kodali

CEO & Founder, OptimHire

"I have been in the IT industry for more than 15 years now. I have seen businesses, including big-shot tech giants and SMEs, need quality employees to meet their project demands, and yet have to wait for 3 to 6 months to fill a vacancy with a right-fit candidate, which unfortunately costs them a fortune.

At the same time, I have witnessed that IT recruiters are underpaid as compared to the value they bring to the firms.

We recognized a gap here and intended to solve both problems. After 2 years of incessant contemplation, experimentation, and hard work, we were able to build a platform that pre-cisely addresses and solves both sides of the problem.

At OptimHire, our full-time recruitment partners are making a higher income by identifying the right opportunities from a plethora of high-ticket job positions available, which allows them to live a good life. While our clients are pleased as well since our highly motivated recruiters are assisting them in finding the best talent in a matter of days,rather than months.

And if you are still skeptical, don’t be. OptimHire has a proven track record of massive career success attained by a number of our recruitment partners and we can provide you with numerous examples of such professional accomplishment.

I want you all to succeed because I've been where you are and seen many others in your position, and I understand how difficult it can be to attain growth in the recruitment industry, which is why I founded OptimHire."

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Don’t just rely on our word. We insist you take a look at the results yourself.


“On average, I am making $3000 to $4000 per month. If you are looking to work with flexible timings, a good work environment, and want to make lakhs every month from recruitment, then join OptimHire.”


Recruitment Partner, OptimHire

“I own my dream house now, a bungalow cum farmhouse. On average, I am making $2000 every month as an OptimHire Full-Time Recruitment Partner.”


Recruitment Partner, OptimHire

“Briefly speaking, OptimHire is the best platform there is for people who want to attain solid career growth while working flexibly and remotely.”


Recruitment Partner, OptimHire

“OptimHire believes in women empowerment. Let me tell you, 70% of the recruitment partners at OptimHire are women.
OptimHire supported me it will support you too.”


Recruitment Partner, OptimHire

“Before joining OptimHire, I used to spend 2 to 3 hours of my daily time traveling to work. And now with OptimHire, from the first day itself, I was working from home, making a good income, while also spending quality time with my family.”


Recruitment Partner, OptimHire

Become a Full-Time Recruitment Partner

We're looking for someone with at least one year of experience in IT recruitment, who can commit to working 8 hours a day, and who dares to dream BIG.

Step 1


Click the Apply button, choose your preferred work shift, the commission you would want to receive, and submit your application.

You can earn up to 55% commission for each recruit*

Step 2


One of our executives will contact you to schedule a meeting with our success manager.

If you are the right fit, you will be invited to our paid training program.

Need More Reasons to Join OptimHire?

Well, learn the OptimHire Difference

Old way


Stone Age Tools and a lot of manual work to find candidates

10X Faster Candidate Search advantage for OptimHire recruiters using our AI powered & data driven platform

Buy Expensive Database Access for the same unmotivated candidates that thousand of other recruiters are vying for

Get Free Access to a Verified Database of 600,000+ pre-screened, ready-to-hire candidates

Waste 100+ Hours evaluating applicants, scheduling, interviews, and so on

Save 100+ Hours owing to features like Automated interview scheduling, pre-screened candidate database, WhatsApp Live Chat, and more

Low Income - Regardless of how hard you work, 20k to 50k low-wage employment is a sad reality

10X Higher Income for OptimHire recruiters as each clients pays an upfront deposit and your commission releases are automated


Why IT Recruiters (LIKE YOU) Are Using OptimHire:

To fill their calendars with high-paying opportunities that could help them UPLEVEL their recruitment journey and earn as BIG as Rs 70,000, Rs 1,50,000, Rs 2,00,000, and more on each hire.

With the OptimHire Full-Time Recruitment Partner Program, you can enjoy the following perks:

Who Makes a Good Partner? YOU

Individuals who are enthusiastic about IT recruitment and have at least 1 year of experience

Dedicated to assisting candidates in obtaining their dream job, while efficiently helping clients in closing their requirements.

Ready to invest 8 hours a day to work as a full-time IT Recruiter

Driven by big goals and aspirations and a desire to have a solid stream of income

We are looking for 25 dedicated Full-Time Recruitment Partners. If you wish to attain professional success and are eligible to become an OptimHire Partner, then fill the form below and our Success Manager will get in touch with you.

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