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“In a recent OptimHire survey, 87% of recruiting managers said they were tired of posting jobs and didn’t want to buy expensive ATS systems or SAAS products.

They just want to hire the right talent, Instantly!”

Why OptimHire?

OptimHire Making a Difference

Old way


10x ROI

Buy Expensive Job Postings and Talent Database

Relax, its FREE! Free job postings and Free pre-screened database

AI-Powered ATS

Spend a fortune on the ATS system to streamline your hiring

Get access to a FREE! AI-powered ATS and save $50k per year in license fees

20x Faster Sourcing

Wait 2 to 8 weeks for Responses.

Make 2000+ Referral Partners & 600K + Candidates Refer

Time Saving

Spend 100+ hours to screen resumes, coordinate interviews and negotiate offers with candidates.

Save 100+ Hours as we do Screening of Candidates, Interview Coordination, and Offer Negotiating.

Time to Hire

In total, Hiring takes 2 to 6 Months of your time.

Hire in Days.

Browse Talents100% Risk-Free Hiring

Success Stories

Our customers’ success is our success


"Amount of time I saved with OptimHire is Awesome"

Rory Johnsrud

Director at Allegiance


"Proactive, OptimHire don't just leave the candidate sitting in the pipeline, they follow up..."

Alex Namonu

Talent Director at Viamo


"Reduced hiring time from 3 months to now 30 days"

Amit Mishra

Founder & CEO at Quifers


"OptimHire has given fast, accurate, and quality candidates..."

Hemant Singhi

CEO at Evidev LLP


“OptimHire in one word, PEACE OF MIND”

Nirav Dalwadi

COO at Picwa

Browse Talents100% Risk-Free Hiring

Why do businesses turn to OptimHire?

See why OptimHire is miles ahead of every recruitment platform

Hire 10x Faster

Reduce your average hire time from 6 months to just 12 days with OptimHire. Get FREE access to 2 Million pre-screened candidates, and much more.

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Risk-Free Recruitment

With OptimHire, you’ll only pay after you make a successful hire. Simple as that.

Reach 60 Million candidates via 2,000+ partners

With our extensive partner network and our vast candidate pool, we’ll help you find and hire just the right talent.

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Browse Talents100% Risk-Free Hiring

10x Your ROI

10 months is the estimated cost of hiring via conventional methods for mid-level candidates. Don’t waste your time and money. Cut costs, save on time, and achieve a 10x ROI.

Browse Talents100% Risk-Free Hiring

Save 100+ Hours Per Hire

OptimHire will pre-screen candidates according to your custom needs. Plus, we’ll help you with interview coordination, offer negotiation, and more.

Browse Talents100% Risk-Free Hiring

FREE ATS - OptimHire Applicant Tracking System

Don’t pay for expensive ATS. Revolutionise your hiring process with OptimHire’s FREE, AI-Powered ATS - with 40+ powerful tools, hiring will be easy, fast, and scalable. Plus, save up to $50k per year on ATS license fees.


Need more reasons to try OptimHire?

There’s plenty to love about OptimHire

Skip screening interviews with candidate intro videos.

OptimHire lets you avoid time-consuming screening interviews. Instead, you’ll get your screening questions answered with 2-minute intro videos made by candidates.

24/7 dedicated success manager

Your dedicated success manager will help you quickly set up your account and guide you through any potential roadblocks.

Scalable, on-demand recruitment

Scale your recruiting efforts instantly with OptimHire by accessing our 20,000+ network of freelance recruiters.

Browse Talents100% Risk-Free Hiring
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Pay only on successful hire

OptimHire VS Other ATS Platforms

Save $50k per year in ATS license fees & more



FREE ,completely FREE. Save $100K per year in license Fee alone with OptimHire.

Approx $125 / User / Month. Companies with 200+ Users, pay $50,000 per year.

Job Posting

Free and Unlimited.

100 Job posting limit in starter plans

Pre-Screened Candidate

Free access to 2 Millions pre-screened Candidates.

No Talent Pool Access. Have to add your own Candidates into the ATS.

Vendor Management System (VMS)

2000+ External agencies already on the platform. No additional cost.

Additional cost for Vendor Managment System (VMS).

Candidate Referral

Make 2 Million Candidates refer you talents

Customised Hiring Process
Customizable Career Site
Unique Link
Save past reviews for Future Hiring
Chat Feature
Video interviewing system

Hire PRO talents for any skills

Explore Our Talents

We’re confident you’ll love OptimHire


We’re dedicated to serving our customers

And we’re happy to guide you every step of the way

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