Jitendra G.

Jitendra G.

Senior full stack Developer with over 15 years extensive hands-on experience product development

Mumbai , India

Experience: 15 Years


Mumbai , India

Senior full stack Developer with over 15 years extensive hands-on experience product development

115200 USD / Year

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15 Years

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About Me

A seasoned software professional with over decade of extensive hands-on experience in architecture, design and development of best-in-class end-to-end products using Microsoft technologies.

Experience working in R&D centers developing ful...

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Portfolio Projects


Laura XL


Software Architect


Development of new application Laura XL using .net 4.5.1, WPF, Entity Framework 6 and SQL server 2014 Local DB. 


Leading and guidingthe multinational team of software developers who delivers intelligence to highly complex fully automated Analyzers.  

Overseeing all aspects of the application software from the identification of business requirements and process definition through to system design, testing and delivery. 

Designed and Developed Very UserFriendly andRich User Interface which is Multi-Touch Ready (smoothly operated by two fingers’ gestures on multi-touch monitors).  

Writing wrapper class to show Windows Tablet Input Panel (Multi touch on screen key board) wherever input is required throughout the application. 

 Writing Image zooming, panning and marking particles on it by two by fingers gestures like Pinch-In, Pinch-Out, Move, Double-Tap, Tap and Hold.  

 Designed and Developed Entire Database from scratch normalised database and created Entity Data Model.   

 Implemented IOT feature in the instrument, which automatically generates service calls on critical errors in addition to concise real-time report provided to various stakeholders. 

 Implemented compulsory quality control run functionality. 

 Undertaking fixing of bugsidentified during Verification and validation, handling change request and incorporating new request by stakeholders. 


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Full-Stack Developer


Undertaking Post-delivery bug fixing, handling change request and incorporating new request by stakeholders.  

Introduced automatic firmware upgrade during software upgrade itself, which simplified and made error less upgrade procedure.  Integrated new thermal printer into the system. 

Re-Designed and improved Result moduleof the application. 

Designed and implemented new patient summary report. 

Designed and implemented web reports module using asp.net web forms, WCF.  

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Track & Trace - Verishield


Software Architect


• Designed and Architecture of New Tack & Trace client application using WPF, MVVM and PRISM.

 • Implemented Dependency Injection using MEF Inversion of Control. 

• Designed clean intuitive innovative high performance GUI using WPF. 

• Implemented Data metrics code identification and decode, OCR and OCV using HALCON for machine vision 

• Designed and Architecture (MVVM) Mobile App using Xamarin.Forms and Azure. 

• Integrated Azure ADB2C with Mobile App to provide comprehensive identity management in the cloud. 

• Implemented different Reportsmodules in Web application like Production, Parent Child thatshows charts and tree list of huge data using ASP.Net Ajax.

 • Implemented Service Layer using WCF for Web Reports.

 • Implemented Factory pattern in generic Data Access Layer, which can connect to multiple types of Databases like MS SQL Server, MySql and Sqlite. 

• Implemented Report Export to PDF functionality for huge business reports with more than 25 thousands pages. 

• Written highly complex stored procedures in MS Sql Server as well as My Sql. 

• Implemented Camera, Bar-code Printer and Scanner Integration in a loosely coupled way using IOC. 

• Implemented TCP/IP communication to other application using sockets in Windows Service. 

• Implemented multi-threading using TPL and Async operations. 

• Worked on various DevExpress Controls (Charts, Tree List, Grid, Manu, Page Control etc). 

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Lisa XL


Full-Stack Developer


Conducted gap analysis for scope of improvement in user interface and application workflow.   

Designed and developed Entire Database in SQL Server LocalDB 2012using tables, Views, Foreign Keys, Stored Procedures, and functions.  

● Undertaking development of duplex Inter System communication to LIMS using TCPIP and C# in ASTM Protocol.

 ● Developing deployment setup in Install Shield with  prerequisites for SQL Server LocalDB 2012 and Crystal Report Runtime Engine 2013 

● Upgradred applications to for windows 64 bit compatibility

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