Mukesh R.

Mukesh R.

18+ year of varied experience in Data Architecture, Database Architecture, Data Migration and pl-sql

Pune , India

Experience: 20 Years


Pune , India

18+ year of varied experience in Data Architecture, Database Architecture, Data Migration and pl-sql

47142.8 USD / Year

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20 Years

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About Me

Extensive 18+ years of IT experience in Data architecture and consultancy with expertise in Data Modeling and Database Design, Data Migration, Database Performance Tuning, Database Administration, High Availability, Automation and Applicat...

Have extensive exposure in Production/ Support/ Development and Data Warehouse Environment, having domain knowledge in e-Commerce, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Energy and Telecom.

Effective communicator with customer management, people management, relationship management, analytical and coordination skills, can play role as individual contributor/ team collaboration and in managerial assignment.

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Portfolio Projects

Data Architecture


Data Architecture


  • Spearhead Data migration activity of application data to Postgres RDBMS database, including ETL Process, preparing sql queries, data cleansing, data fixes, data quality and rule application.


  • Data modeling for new retail e-commerce product PXP (Product Experience Platform) development. Work includes business logic and application/ functional requirement gathering, database design and creating conceptual and logical data model in Postgresql 11 and Oracle 12c databases, converting logical model to physical design. RDBMS migration of Postgresql database.


  • Data modeling for PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) module of PXP e-commerce application product in Content Management.


  • Data consistency rules capturing and gap identification.


  • Creation of test data for performance and functional testing of new RDBMS system.


  • Design for attributes, tags, properties, classes and KPI of e-commerce application.


  • Star and snowflake fact and dimension schema design, slowly changing dimension (SCD) design and backup of historical data policy.


  • Development team help in Sql scripts and pl-sql objects creation for JAVA API creation.


  • Optimize Sql/ database for performance tuning and implementing database features for future workload of data and database for scalability.


  • Creation of High-Level Design (HLD) and Low-Level Design (LLD) documentation.


  • To take new product development strategic decision i.e. data type hybrid approach (JSON and RDBMS data types), partitioning for millions row tables, level of normalization of tables etc.


  • Database scripts deployment and management in Git hub tool, working in agile mode with Sprints and JIRA stories.

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Senior Architect


Senior Architect


  • Database application design and PL-Sql creation and re-design application for scalability and performance. Application is rewritten from legacy system to take on new platform.


  • Central Processing Management (CPM) database design and modeling review. CPM is consolidation of 30 countries and 22 multilingual applications which are in different database and are being migrated and centralized consolidated in one database. Work includes business logic and application requirement gathering and capturing, database design and modeling in postgres database.


  • Database migration for critical application.


  • Application team support and guidance for Oracle application development.


  • Oracle PL-Sql to SQLite database code conversion and vice-versa. SQLite database physical database modeling.


  • Code management in bit bucket tool in agile framework.


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Principal Consultant


Principal Consultant


  • Consulting in database storage and server migration.


  • Multiple Production Databases (RAC/ non-RAC) review for SBI bank.


  • Reduced EOD batch job time from 6 hours to 30 minutes using database performance tuning best practices for SBI bank.


  • Provided database consultancy to IDFC Bank, Mumbai including Oracle 12c databases review/ analysis and performance tuning.


  • Provided database consultancy services to National Insurance Corporation, Kolkata. Database analysis and performance tuning of three-tier stack having OID, OAM databases and JDBC based application. 


  • Provided consultancy services to Bajaj Allianz, Pune for solution for application specific pl-sql generic Severity 1 issues with Web logic 12c apps server as middle tier in jdbc application.


  • Provided database consultancy services to Vodafone, UK for test and production databases which are used for Oracle RODOD stack for communication industry including CRM, OSM, BRM, FMW, WCS and UIM oracle products.


  • Consultancy in partitioning and purging strategy for performance improvement and storage space claim for databases which are in size of many TB.


  • Provided consultancy in product specific behavior requirement i.e. gather stats for Oracle Service Management (OSM), BRM, CRM, FMW apps db etc.

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Oracle 12c





  • Worked as DBA Architect for Finance workstation project of Credit Suisse. Work includes support to developers in writing efficient procedure/ function/ triggers and rectifies issues in sql code.


  • Database analysis and suggestion providing for Initialization parameters / hardware and sql tuning.


  • Design of data archiving policy for big tables.


  • Database support on Exadata Linux box, RAC environment support, using SRVCTL, CRSCTL, OCRCONFIG, CELLCLI, ASMCMD utility etc. Resolving RAC issues and RCA analysis. DBA activity including Data Guard Management, DG Sync up, backup/ recovery, RMAN and Performance Tuning.


  • Worked on multiple more than 300 mission critical big oracle data warehouse databases, also, managing databases on super cluster (Exadata) and RAC.


  • Work included high- and low-level Oracle databases consultancy regarding database refresh/ supporting change deployment on different environment/ Database Tuning/ Capacity Management/ database automation/ database security/ replication etc.


  • OEM configuration and proactive advance alert setting for data warehouse databases and user defined alerts for Solaris servers, implemented customized E-mail and SMS based alerts for 300 Databases.


  • Archived 500 million rows data in specified maintenance window.


  • Reclaimed 1 TB space using compression for archive feature of Oracle Exadata.


  • Application tuning in reference of sql tuning for application queries. Queries are based on search of millions of content database record i.e. docs, xls, pdf etc.


  • Database Security and Hardening recommendation provided at comprehensive level for critical production databases.


  • Implemented various oracle automation shell scripts with email alerts at UNIX level for proactive monitoring and management of production database.


  • Suggested and implemented Index Rebuilding strategy which helped customer to save 12 days’ production database downtime per year.


  • Identified, planned and implemented table shrinking activity which enabled to reclaim 40 GB production database space and helped in faster queries execution as tables became lean.


  • Leading the teams of Infrastructure DBAs, Production Support team and ETL Informatics team.


  • Teradata Database administration activity in Data warehouse environment which includes Informatica and Teradata production database of size 80 TB.


  • Conducted Training in the region for up scaling of L1/ L2 & L3 resources in database domain.


  • Involvement & Closure of escalated calls from the region in database domain.


  • In panelist of Wipro interviewer, Interview Internal/ external Technical resources in database domain.


  • Have given RTSG training in SQL Performance Tuning for Pune region, conducted KM Chat on Database Tuning.

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