Gokul G.

Gokul G.

Backend developer

Bengaluru , India

Experience: 4 Years


Bengaluru , India

Backend developer

41142.9 USD / Year

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4 Years

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About Me

I'm a backend developer  with strong DevOps knowledge. Good understanding about building scalable applications on NodeJs, Clojure based micro services architecture.

Event driven reactive scalable microservices
Hands on experience ...

Event driven reactive scalable microservices
Hands on experience working with and designing RESTful web services
Experience in AWS services Ec2, ELB, EBS, Route53, S3, Cloudfront, Iam
Hands on experience on Kubernetes, Docker, Kafka, Zookeeper
Successfully implemented production-grade Kubernetes cluster using kops
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, creative, research-minded, technically competent and result-oriented with
problem solving and leadership skills.

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Portfolio Projects

backend application using clojure



backend application using clojure


Backend Developer


Description : ​Estate.one is a real estate PropTech startup using modern technologies to help people in home buying and selling.
Responsibilities ​:

  • ●  Technologies used​: Clojure, Datomic, Postgres, Kafka, Zookeeper, Kubernetes, Aws, Docker

  • ●  Processes:​ Domain-Driven Design, Event Storming, reactive microservices

  • ●  Designing and implementing event driven reactive scalable microservices using Onyx

  • ●  Developed RESTful web services using compojure

  • ●  Designed APIs in a clean and extensible way

  • ●  Designing, building and testing scalable backend systems

  • ●  Working with message/stream processing systems, such as Kafka, zookeeper

  • ●  Successfully implemented production-grade Kubernetes cluster using kops

  • ●  Worked with container-based software deployment (Docker/Kubernetes)

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  1. Description :​ Svoop is an On-demand grocery delivery app, Deliver to your place in 1 hour. Responsibilities :

    • ●  Technologies used​: Clojure, Compojure, Neo4j, Aws

    • ●  Wrote Back-End code and designed REST APIs for core product

  •  ●  Wrote queries for graph database neo4j using cql

  • ●  Worked on shell scripting for simplification of many process.

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Clojure Neo4j