Ruchir J.

Ruchir J.

Techno-Funct Delivery Mgr with Hands on Exp in OBIEE, Tableau, PL/SQl, SAP HANA, BOBJ, Informatica

Jaipur , India

Experience: 12 Years


Jaipur , India

Techno-Funct Delivery Mgr with Hands on Exp in OBIEE, Tableau, PL/SQl, SAP HANA, BOBJ, Informatica

54857.1 USD / Year

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12 Years

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About Me

Ø 12+ years of Analysis, Design (Modelling), Built, Test, Review, Deployment & Management experience in DWBI technologies for Key Hi-Tech (Virtualization Giant) & Top Pharma industries while working at Accenture throughou...

Ø 2 Years (2016 – 2017) onshore client facing experience at Palo Alto, California, USA. Visa Type - H1B.

Ø Working as Project manager & Delivery Lead for BI Projects leading a team of 45+ members distributed in 26+ modules. Drove Ramp-up & Growth of the Project.

Ø Leading Multi-Vendor Roadmap team of 25+ members for client while performing BI Consultant role in Analytics.

Ø Directly working with Business users for getting requirements, performing design, architecting solutions, providing technical & functional details to Developers, testing & reviewing code, taking care of deployments & validations while following all the processes of CDCI (Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration) release cycle.

Ø Expert in technologies like OBIEE (Certified from Oracle), Tableau, Informatica, SQL (Oracle, GreenPlum, SQL Server), DB Concepts; Proficient in SAP HANA, BOBJ, HAWQ.

Ø Trained in Siebel Tools, SAS BI, Data Stage, Python, Splunk, Mongo DB, Micro Strategy tool, Assembly Languages, Oracle Cloud conversant.

Ø Processes: Scrum Certified, Dev Ops, SDLC, Agile

Ø Functional areas of Expertise – Marketing, Sales, HR, Finance, GSS, Customer, Partner, Product, Life Sciences, Pharma, MDM etc.

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Key Tools:

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>OBIEE (Siebel Analytics)

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>BOBJ

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>Tableau

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>SAP HANA

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>Greenplum

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>Oracle

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>Informatica

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>HAWQ

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>Microsoft Tools

<![if !supportLists]>ü  <![endif]>SFDC, Wave Analytics

Gallup Test - Strengths:















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<![endif]> <![endif]-->Expertise in data Migration. Source Systems worked with – SFDC, Eloqua, Mongo DB, Coveo, Amazon Red Shift, ROI, Smart Sheet, Colo DB, GSS, MYLEARN, VAC, Bookings, UCM, Aloha, SDP, Model N, Change Point, Work Day, CPQ, Varicent, ANAplan, ATLAS, MDM, PDH etc


Ø Actively working & managing data on tools like JIRA & SFDC.

Ø Worked on Sales strategies as Solution architect in BI. Shaped up proposals for million-dollar deals in association with Leadership & SMEs.

Ø Accenture Empaneled interviewer for hiring people in multiple technologies across geographies: like – OBIEE, Tableau, Datastage, Informatica, HANA, BOBJ, Oracle SQL.

Ø Working on Innovative use cases for client involving data analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine Learning (ML) & Predictive Analytics.

Ø Part of platform migration projects from Oracle to Greenplum, Greenplum to SAP HANA, Greenplum to HAWQ; OBIEE to Tableau, OBIEE to BOBJ.

Ø Worked on Automations & performance improvements in various technologies.

Ø Encouraged team to participate in Technology contests across company, resulted in 50+ nominations for 5 different contests. Couple of them were selected as finalists across IDC.

Ø Created assets & process improvement templates which are widely used across Accenture. More than 1000 downloads in last 1 year.

Ø Tetra Gold Medalist in B-tech from NIT Surat, 2007 batch.

Ø Active member of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) group at Accenture.

Ø Good understanding of Finance, Budgeting & CCI Improvements. Played pivotal role in CCI improvement for the project.

Ø Multiple awards & accolades from Accenture (ACE, APEX, Star of Month, ASE Achievers etc) & client.

Ø Training Experience in Robotics (AI) from Bhabha atomic research Center (BARC), National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC); along with participation in multiple robotics events at IITs & NITs.

Ø Strong writing & documentation skills along with Good Business Communication & Presentation skills.

Ø Innovative in Approach, Proactive in learning new methods & ideas & putting them into daily practice, ability to work on multiple projects & multiple technologies simultaneously.

Ø Conducting fun activities & team building events across the DU & help in making Accenture a great place to work.

Ø Good in maintaining interpersonal relations; hardworking & result oriented; excellent record as team player.


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Portfolio Projects


Worked as Lead Developer and Senior Analyst




Frontend Developer


Analysis, Design, Built & Test applications with 6000+ user base. OBIEE Reports & RPD development along with administration. Informatica mappings & workflow dev along with Oracle functions & procedure


TouchStone Reporting & IC (Information Center) Siebel Analytics teams deals with the Load Process using ETL tools (like DAC & Informatica) for loading the data from OLTP to OLAP, Siebel Analytics Reports management & enhancements in Rpd & Webcat, Enhancements & maintenance of Informatica workflows & mappings.  It is one of the world’s largest applications in terms of the number of user support for Siebel Analytics.




Ø Handling Touchstone Reporting & IC Analytics applications end to end.

Ø Identifying & analyzing the issues & setting up a proper foundation to resolve the same in the specified time & complying with stringent SLA’s for various categories of Service Request (Meeting 100 % SLA’s).

Ø Analysis, design, development & testing of Analytics metadata Repository (.rpd) at 3 layers i.e., Physical Layer (connecting to Data sources & import schema), Business Model / data mapping (create Logical tables & data source mapping with dimensions, facts, aggregators & time-series objects) & Presentation Layer level (create presentation catalogs).

Ø Creating & managing Repository Groups, Variables, Initialization Blocks, hierarchies, calculation measures, iBOTs & User Administration using Siebel Analytics Administration Tool & Security Manager.

Ø Creating & Modifying Analytics Reports including Charts & Pivot views, Compound layout using global & local Filters in Answers & Configured Intelligent Dashboards for different groups of users. Creating the Dashboard & Report level prompts.

Ø Performance Analysis of Analytics Dashboards. (Worked in a Data Reduction Module with SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) of Siebel Analytics & Informatica.)

Ø Design & Configuration of the DAC (Data ware house application console) tool.

Ø Working on config.xml for changing the various reporting configuration.

Ø Working in Analytics Disconnected which in involves synchronization of data from connected environment.

Ø Starting & monitoring the load processes which have been scheduled in DAC.

Ø Implementing the mappings by using Source Qualifier, Filter, Expression, Aggregator, Sorter, Lookup, Joiner, Sequence Generator, Router & Update strategy transformations.

Ø Importing Source & Target tables from the respective databases & created Reusable Transformations, Aggregations & Target Mappings that contain business rules, using Informatica.

Ø Involved in migrating the mappings & OBIEE code into different environments.

Ø Performed Unit Testing & tuned the mappings for better performance.

Ø Using Informatica Workflow Manager to create, schedule, monitor sessions & send pre & post session emails to communicate success or failure of session execution.

Ø Developing SCD's to maintain the historical data.

Ø Play major role in onshore offshore co-ordination. Responsible for doing the peer reviews.

Ø Analyzing, Writing, Testing & Implementation of the stored procedures, functions using PL/SQL. Making complex SQL queries as per the requirement.

Ø Involved in documentation of Reports Specifications, Dashboard Specifications, Repository Documentation & End user training documents. Creation of SOPs & Checklists.

Ø Involved in bug fixing & enhancements cycle.

Ø Handling different schemas & synonyms across the databases.

Ø Creation of spreadsheet with the monitoring activities & Regular status for all the applications across the project to be sent to client team lead on the daily basis.

Ø Organizing various fun events on behalf of the DU (Delivery Unit) & involved in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, wherein helping different NGOs.

Ø Loading data from one environment to other using Jobscape (Autosys).

Ø Cross training resources of different projects on Siebel Analytics Disconnected.

Ø Leading Interns joined project for their internship.




Ø Expertise in Siebel Analytics (OBIEE) Disconnected, configuring DAC & configuring ibots to deliver analytics contents. Worked on the upgrade of SA to OBIEE.

Ø  Good understanding of Siebel Application Administration (CRM) & Siebel 7.x based CRM implementation. Trained in Siebel Tools, SAS BI & Data Stage.

Ø  Good Knowledge on Data warehousing concepts like Star Schema, Snow flake schema, Dimensions & Fact tables.

Ø  Strong writing & documentation skills for management, development & control of documents, SOPs & Checklists.

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Lead BI Consultant/Delivery Manager/ Sr Business Analyst/ OBIEE Developer




Project Manager (Team Lead)


Requirement gathering, functional & technical oversight to the team. Analysis, Design, Built, Test & Review in multiple technologies. Team management & Process Implementation. Maintain client Relation


Client is one among the leader in Virtualization software. VMware streamlines the journey for organizations to become digital businesses that deliver better experiences to their customers & empower employees to do their best work. Their software spans compute, cloud, networking & security, & digital workspace.

Accenture has been hired to assist VMWare with building Analytical environments (Business Intelligence) that will allow VMware to capture majority of the remaining market opportunity in the virtualization software market, it includes laying the foundation for enterprise reporting & analytics.




Ø Manage complete life cycle of DEV project from requirement gathering till support (analyze, design, build, test, implement, support).

Ø Work with Business End users in formulating BRDs (Business Requirement Document) & prepare FRD (Functional Review Document), then connect with dev team to create TDD (Technical Design Document), Finalize the requirement & drive it to completion.

Ø Lead multivendor roadmap team (25+) including FTEs.

Ø Guide Dev team with Functional & Technical details of the change.

Ø Manage delivery of all (26 modules currently) BI modules running for VMware from Accenture including 45+ resources onshore & offshore.

Ø Work towards project growth & new RFPs.

Ø Manage Project financials & resources.

Ø Implement & Drive process improvements, automation, Ideas & Innovations.

Ø Regular status reporting with minute details of all the modules to client & management.

Ø Taking interviews & onboarding resources.

Ø Code migration, deployment, unit testing, regression testing, post production support.

Ø Innovative in Approach, Proactive in learning new methods & ideas & putting them into daily practice, ability to work on multiple projects & multiple technologies.

Ø Role includes a mixture of responsibilities requiring strong technical background with excellent problem solving, analytical & communication skills, Leading/Managing team & co-ordination with onsite team/client.




Ø Picked up SAP HANA, BOBJ & Tableau while working on OBIEE. Initiated 1st Tableau project for client.

Ø Gained client trust & confidence over the period.

Ø Created few assets, which are used by other projects also. (”Development lifecycle", "Basic concepts of RPD", "Peer Review Checklist", Knowledge documents on iBOTS, disconnected analytics, DAC & RPD merge/comparison, OBIEE induction Kit, Unit test plans.)

Ø Created & managed Repository Groups, Variables, Initialization Blocks, hierarchy, aggregates, performance, security & Administration, iBOTs.

Ø Good knowledge of configuring & developing the Analytics Repository (Physical layer, Business model & mapping layer & Presentation layer) which involves schema import, implementing the business logic by customization of dimensional hierarchies, Aggregate Navigation level based Measures, Variables, Initialization blocks & Cache management.

Ø Creating & Modifying Analytics Reports including Charts & Pivot views, Compound layout using global & local Filters in Answers & Configured Intelligent Dashboards for different groups of users. Creating OBIEE objects which involved complex processes & logic implemented like Union Reports, Presentation variables, Set-operators etc.

Ø Taken more than 100 interviews. Managed team of 45 people with multiple skills. Mentored 20+ resources in OBIEE.

Ø Always tried to complete the work before deadline even though it may take in some extra efforts.

Ø Created a logical fact table at the OBIEE rpd which involved complex joins & snow-flaking of the dimensions. The development was very complex which was greatly appreciated by the client.

Ø Worked on config.xml for changing the various reporting configuration.

Ø Used Informatica Workflow Manager to create, schedule, monitor sessions & send pre & post session emails to communicate success or failure of session execution.

Ø Made complex SQL queries as per the requirement.

Ø Involved in bug fixing & enhancements cycle.

Ø Helped team members in resolving their technical issues related to OBIEE, Informatica & UNIX along with PL/SQL, PPTs, Mails & excel spreadsheet formatting. Cross trained the resources of different projects on OBIEE.

Ø Got many awards like 'Shining Star' Award for the delivery, client award in the category "Drives for Value Added Results", client award in category for "Delivery Excellence & Leading as Team Player" presented by CFO of the company.

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Compass Marketing


Compass Marketing


Frontend Developer


Same desciption as VMware Project Section

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Analysts (Non programmer role)


Using SFDC as a source system. Creating reports and analyzing data in SFDC. Other description is same as VMware project.

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