Jaykishan H.

Jaykishan H.

Java developer

Ahmedabad , India

Experience: 8 Years


Ahmedabad , India

Java developer

26742.8 USD / Year

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8 Years

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About Me

I started using java in 2013 when I joined as junior developer. During those years I spent lots of hours to studying core concepts with my practical experience. Then I worked for one of start-up, where we started to build product from scratch with...

I Worked with micro service architecture with spring boot and other things like redis, flyway, multi-tenant db concept etc. It is a start-up organization so I learn lots of things like AWS setup, Jenkins CI & CD with github, production and stag server setup, Api Gateway micro service design pattern, Spring batch, logging, Spring cloud sleuth etc. we used React js as frontend where I learn concept like how actions, constants, sagas and reducers are working.  I also worked with Elastic Search environment setup with Kibana and filebeat to trace each log effectively.  I also used java diagnostic tool to trace each thread state in our multithreading environment. I like challenging tasks which make my work very interesting

My github profile: https://github.com/jaykishanstax

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Portfolio Projects

Supertax (Web application)



Supertax (Web application)


Supertax is a web application which is taking large amount of data from customers and process data and send it to third party api. Also it generate useful report from data for customers. I developed micro-services for file-processing as well as report genration and third party api call with the use of java, spring-boot, muti-threading, rest-API, redis, Netflix-Zuul, eureka, mysql, and multi tenant db for customers. We used React js as frontend. 

I also setup AWS environment for production, stage and test environment and Used github and jenkins plugin for CI & CD. For Logs maintainance I have setup Elastic search, filebeat and kibana for production environment which is very useful tools for resolving production issue. I like challenging tasks which make my work very interesting.

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MES System


Solumina is Manufacturing Execution System which is used on shop-floor of large manufacturer like Airbus France, Belgium Engine Center, Cirrus Aircraft, Earlens, Jabil etc.

I was working as an Offshore software engineer, to customize product based on customers requirement. I have also integrated product with multiple ERP, SAP and PLM systems. I closely worked with France and Belgium clients on their new design approach as well as fixing technical problems and performance issue to make system robust and fast.

My key responsibly was to understand the newly provided design for enhancements and implement them in current product using Java, JDBC/Hibernate, Spring Framework, PL/SQL. Also, Implemented interfaces (Business Integration Services- BIS) to communicate Solumina to other ERP/PLM system through JMS. I have also written Junit test cases to achieve maximum code coverage.

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 Stayinfront CRM is product which used in Consumer goods and Life science domain. 

I was working as an Offshore Business Model Engineer, as a developer I worked on import-export data interface as well as web services in different form like xml, CSV, txt etc. using Java, vbscript.

I also Implemented KPI features from functional spec, unit test it and update the technical support document for KPI features.

We do daily communication with the US client to discuss the status of the work and to get feedback for the delivered build

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