Ara M.

Ara M.

Software, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Automation, Machine Vision

New York , United States

Experience: 13 Years


New York , United States

Software, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Automation, Machine Vision

110000 USD / Year

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13 Years

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About Me

Senior Software/Robotics/Cybersecurity Engineer with strong skills in architecture design/development and reengineering/designing new systems. Possess excellent problem-solving skills; select appropriate technology and translate i...

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Portfolio Projects


· Designed a machine vision system with a custom algorithm which increased image processing speeds by over 4000% compared to the stock code. (Teledyne Sherlock, RSLogix5000)

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Description: Corporation was a foundry that created parts mainly for the rail industry.

· ResponsiblefortheimplementationanddeploymentofcorecompanyapplicationsinnewERPsystemanddatabase,usedacross the entire plant, to provide one user friendly application to accomplish plant tasks and gather info.

· Collaborated directly with the VP of Operations on the development of applications to fulfill and improve business process requirements in engineering, purchasing, finance, maintenance, and shipping departments among others.

· Designed and created a mold ticket printing system to meet different parties needs that ensured no duplicate serial numbers were printed.

· Implemented new Zebra printer. Mold ticket printing system had to generate individual ticket codes in Zebra Programming Language (ZPL) and send it to the printer. (originally in Python then done in C++ then converted to C# and merged with another system I created).

· Assessed, planned and designed a Plant Automation System (PAS) to control and connect all different systems and machines within the company. (C#, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, MS SQL, ASP, Python)

· After helping design a laser etching machine with a robotic arm, created a Laser Etcher Controlling Program (LECP) which communicated with the laser etching machine.

o LECP would send commands when wafers needed etching and would monitor the machine progress and send new jobs if required.

o LECP would also notify employees of errors of the laser etcher machine via email or text message. (C# and Kepware ClientAce library for OPC communication)

· LECP was controlled by Laser Etcher Web App which would allow the user to interact with LECP. (PHP, MySQL and MS SQL).

· Designed a machine vision system with a custom algorithm which increased image processing speeds by over 4000% compared to the stock code. (Teledyne Sherlock, RSLogix5000)

· Developed Optical Emission Spectrometer Data Acquisition Program which collected all data from the legacy spectrometers and transferred them to the database I created and maintained. (C#, MySQL, MS SQL).

· Developed a PHP app to allow for charge materials for a heat (batch of metal) to be imputed and then stored into the database.

· Developed a Heat Information Web App which gathered information about each heat (batch of metal). Since different information would be available at different times, information was automatically stored to the DB every 2 minutes in case of a failure. Any information stored in the database is automatically loaded and populated into the fields.

· Developed the M&T Plant Automation System which communicated with over 7 different systems within the plant to gather and send information to and from different systems such as the PLC’s for the production line.

o System used RFID to identify each part in each mold. (I created the RFID system including the parts and systems that were being used.

o System was had a web app to use with handheld RFID/barcode scanners to mark specific molds and poured or scrapped. (C#, PHP, JavaScript, Kepware’s ClientAce library for OPC communication).

· Developed a Melt Log Automation Web App which would automatically retrieve all relevant information about a heat and display it in a predetermined format (info such as metal composition, serial numbers, etc).

· Created a module to connect to an Azure server to transfer certain data to the cloud (C#).

· All applications developed were part of a larger system which was carefully planned and executed. All parts worked together to achieve a robust system with many fail safes that demonstrated a successful application development.

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· Worked in the Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF) and Network Intrusion Response Program (NITRO) Lab in the New York Field Office located in Brooklyn, NY.

· Created applications that were used as part of USSS investigations.

· Programmed in Python and C++.

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· Developed a penny auction website where individuals could list their own goods (combining eBay with a traditional penny auction website such as

· Solicited and received startup capital from investors.

· Was responsible for all programming, database management and cybersecurity.

· One investor was the CFO of the New York Private Trust Company.

· Programmed in Cake PHP which follows MVC conventions, JavaScript, HTML, Ruby on Rails MySQL.

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