Parag J.

Parag J.

Full stack developer having total experience of 6.7 years in developing SaaS product

Mumbai , India

Experience: 6 Years


Mumbai , India

Full stack developer having total experience of 6.7 years in developing SaaS product

40504.4 USD / Year

  • Notice Period: 89 Days

6 Years

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About Me

I have enjoyed building a Sproxil Informer from scratch with some of the multinational biotechnology company and earned the Employee of the Quarter award for the same project. On the learning front, I learned new technologies as I went alo...


I am a Red Hat Certified Engineer (2011). I also did a free certification of MongoDB from MongoDB University (2015).


Prior to Sproxil, I have worked for a startup (UMS Tech Labs) & have a total of 5 years’ industry experience.

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Portfolio Projects


Sproxil Informer


Full-Stack Developer


  1. Developed Sproxil Informer product from scratch.
  2. Involved in product development and feature enhancement.
  3. Involved in developing Java web applications and NodeJs serverless API on top
  4. of the AWS platform.
  5. Creating API documentation with Swagger.
  6. Coordinating with external development teams to ensure on-time delivery.
  7. Responsible for production deployment and code management using Git.

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ATSA- Automated Telephonic Survey App


Backend Developer


Automated Telephonic Survey App (ATSA) offers you the ability to take your surveys from the phone directly to the cloud. Instead of conducting offline surveys, the same can be conducted over any phone using an IVR system which will conduct the survey for you thereby saving you time, money and operations costs. The surveying company can set up an online survey within minutes and get going. The automated system will make calls on your behalf to record responses from the participants directly to the cloud. Even though the responses are stored on a cloud-based system, the participants of the survey need not be connected to the internet. This application is specifically designed with this fact in mind that not everybody has always-on internet connectivity. The survey participants only have to pick up their phones when the system calls in and the system records their responses over the phone. The phone required on this system need not be a high-end smartphone! Any simple phone or even a landline is enough for this system to give you results.

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COD Order, Number Verification


Full-Stack Developer



  • After an order is placed, the customer verifies his/ her number by giving a missed call on a virtual number

  • Auto-update of verification status in Shopify's order notes

  • All verified numbers get logged in real-time in a Google Spreadsheet

  • No third Party Infrastructure provider needed

  • No additional setup required

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  • Phone Verified

Preferred Language

  • English - Fluent

  • Hindi - Fluent

Available Timezones

  • Eastern Daylight [UTC -4]

  • Central Daylight [UTC -5]

  • Mountain Daylight [UTC -6]

  • Pacific Daylight [UTC -7]

  • Eastern European [UTC +2]

  • Eastern EST [UTC +3]

  • Greenwich Mean [UTC ±0]

  • Further EET [UTC +3]

  • Australian EDT [UTC +11]

  • Australian CDT [UTC +10:30]

  • Dubai [UTC +4]

  • New Delhi [UTC +5]

  • China (West) [UTC +6]

  • Singapore [UTC +7]

  • Hong Kong (East China) [UTC +8]