Kelsi H.

Kelsi H.

Full Stack Web Developer

Colorado , United States

Experience: 2 Years


Colorado , United States

Full Stack Web Developer

39000 USD / Year

  • Immediate: Available

2 Years

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About Me

I am a web developer with an expertise in JavaScript, Node, and React. I started web development as a hobby and decided to make it a career when I graduated the University of Denver's Full Stack Web Development bootcamp.

I would love ...

I would love to work on projects where I am challenged to continue learning. Researching and implementing best practice is my favorite thing to do! Some technologies that I currently love: React Hooks, GraphQL, and I am learning Go!

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Portfolio Projects

Health Coach Website


Health Coach Website


Full-Stack Developer


Created a website for a health coach to interact with clients, provide information, and blog. Admin can create, update, and delete content through Netlify CMS.

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