Stanley S.

Stanley S.

Software Development Lead looking for interesting projects

, India

Experience: 14 Years


Software Development Lead looking for interesting projects

53382.4 USD / Year

  • Notice Period: 30 Days

14 Years

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About Me

Dear Client,

If you are looking for a fast remote development lead with a good internet connection, look no further.

I have worked on several software development projects with clients from across industries and geographic location...

My key skills are in the area of software development of products involving high-performance computing and visualization using APIs like OpenGL, DirectX, VTK, etc. I can code and review in C, C++, C# and working knowledge of scripting languages like, Python, Perl, Shell, and javaScript.

I have sound knowledge of databases and user interfaces, including web based, mobile based, high-performance desktop applications.

Please go through my resume for detailed account of my past projects. Thank you.


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Portfolio Projects




Developed 3D engine for visualizing 3D meshes of automobile parts.

- Involved in project definition, technical specifications, workload breakdown

- Performed domain research, feasibility studies, presentations, feedback analysis

- Followed Rational Unified Process (Agile-RUP), and UML based SRS and design documentation

- Implemented abstract layer, high-level interfaces, Direct3D visualization client, 3D navigation, object selection/picking, geometry structures, B-Reps, mesh optimizations

- Assisted with problem solving, profiling, stress testing, performance logging, troubleshooting

- Implemented critical server-side payment/business logic, auto-error feedback mechanisms

- Assisted with recruitment, training and knowledge transfers

- Design and development of EasyBlank, an OpenGL-based application for visualizing 3d models

- Integrated AutoForm’s FEM solvers and implemented communication interfaces with viewers

- Reviewed UI and business logic including online payment gateway via PayPal.

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Requirements gathering, design, architecture and development plan for company’s new product line – a cross-platform Qt based application framework for visualizing 3D computational fluid dynamics simulations.

Worked on PoCs for automotive clients in simulating electro-coating process, oven, wax, spray/splash, gear and rain simulations.

Researched on new Vulkan based voxels rendering engine for particles and fluid rending.

Added new features into existing OpenVTK and ECS based implementations.

Proposed revised architecture and design pattern to integrate Undo/Redo capabilities and scripting framework and assisted directors in securing approval from HQ.

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Graphics Engine


Graphics Engine


Implemented a graphics engine for supporting large data visualization using hardware accelerated rendering.

Supported integration with in-house data analytics/visualization software.

Provided animation support through a thread-safe object model and MVVP messages.

Trained on-site application engineers in building scenes with the new graphics engine.

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Backup Optronics System 360


Backup Optronics System 360


Cameras based, on-board Optronics system and 360-degree panorama view rendering engine for naval ships and submarines used in surveillance inside the oceans. A set of image processing algorithms were to be rendered on Qt based User interface at certain predefined FPS. This module involved GPGPU acceleration to improve the graphics performance (OpenCV based implementation). Both on-Screen and off-screen rendering solutions were provided for performance comparison

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