Balasubramanian D.

Balasubramanian D.

Expert in BackEnd (Java and Python) and Middleware (ESB), Good Knowledge on Big Data technologies

New Delhi , India

Experience: 8 Years


New Delhi , India

Expert in BackEnd (Java and Python) and Middleware (ESB), Good Knowledge on Big Data technologies

8 Years

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About Me

Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience in design and development of enterprise applications.Has vast knowledge in Retail Financial and Logistics domain. Appreciated for series of successful releases and for quick turnaround in providing sol...

Programming Languages - Java, Python, and JavaScript

Artificial Intelligence - ChatBot, Google Dialog Flow (NLP Engine)

Big Data (Intermediate) - Spark, pyspark , Hive, Hbase, Kafka and Drill

Integration technologies - SOAP, REST, EIP, Axway and Apache Camel

JEE - EJB 3.x, MDB

Frame Works - Struts 2, Hibernate 3.0, JTA, JPA, Spring 3+  and Spring Boot

Server - Apache tomcat and JBOSS Application Server

ESB - Mule ESB and JBOSS Fuse ESB

IDE - Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA.

Source control - SVN and GIT

Bi Model - Micro Services using Openshift, Docker

Database and tools - Mysql, MS SQL server. Oracle, Cassandara and Mongo (No SQL)

Development technologies - Agile and WaterFall Methodology

Scripting - JavaScript and Node JS.

Continuous Integration and Delivery - Jenkins and UrbanCode

Build Tools - Maven, Gradle and Ant

Cloud - Google Cloud Functions, Amazon SQS, Amazon S3 Bucket, Amazon EC2 and Amazon Web Services

Collaboration - JIRA, Redmine and Confluence

Other tools and technologies - Putty, Quartz, Linux, Jasper, JMeter, JConsole, JASS/LDAP, PMD and Freemarker.

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Graphic Design

Software Testing

Portfolio Projects

Virtual Assistants (AI)


Virtual Assistants (AI)


  • Worked on VA platform which will forward requests from the channels you desire to your bot application
  • Worked on creating dialog flow agents which act as a Natural Language Process (NLP).
  • Worked on Backend application which integrated back end application with chat bot using NodeJS and Java
  • Integrated multiple channels like, Facebook messenger, slack, Alexa and slack
  • Developed analytics tool which will give report about the Chabot related statistical data and analysis using Python
  • Implemented on Human take over, Download chat history in PDF and Feedback responses
  • Deployed in cloud using Google cloud functions and manage all the application using separate dockerized container platform.

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Fully Landed Costs (FLC)


Fully Landed Costs (FLC)


Backend Developer


  • Worked on data load data from aptean.
  • Worked on all calculation logic part by supporting multiple formulas and condition.
  • Implemented adding different unit of measure in all fields.
  • Worked on multiple currency and conversion supported by application.
  • Deployed many services in docker based on Micro services architecture
  • Worked on performance side improving memory and reduce the api response to 3 milliseconds.

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EzyCommerce (EZC) is an automated e-commerce fulfillment offering aimed at Small and Medium Enterprises (Merchants) in Asia Pacific to help them sell online, with increased productivity. As Merchants establish online presence and increase the number of online sales channels, EZC helps them to scale by outsourcing end to end fulfillment process to a trusted, reliable and cost-efficient service provider like Singpost. Using EZC, Merchants can manage orders from multiple online sales channels using a single platform and get access to world-class fulfillment capabilities.


Connect to online sales channels: Merchants can connect seamlessly with their existing order capture systems such as marketplaces, shopping carts or use semi-automated methods such as file uploads for order submission to the ezyCommerce platform




  • Developed many camel routes which used send messages to different systems.
  • Inbound/Outbound fulfilment orders received from online sales channels
  • Worked on Ebay, Shopify and Amazon API services to connect online sales
  • Involved in creating Blueprint and spring type camel routes.

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Data Lake


Data Lake


Roles and Responsibilities:


  • On call 24/7 as a L3 engineer.
  • Worked with a team of 5 engineers to build in house capabilities to administer and monitor full thousands of Hadoop nodes.
  • Deeply instilled DevOps culture across a 100+ sized engineering team and moved away from 3 months release cycle to a 1-click release.
  • Identify various data product use cases, data sources and governance requirements

talking to business stake holders

  • Developed data application using Spark as the processing layer to deliver analytical

Power BI reports to Clients

  • Design and implement robust data pipeline for real-time analytics stream processing and machine learning with MapR platform and Spark Structured Streaming
  • Performed Data ingestion to DL platform with many Data sources like mysql, oracle and MSSQL
  • Involved in Both Real Time and Batch Data
  • Work with data science team in implementing churn prediction models with SparkML
  • Automate deployment workflows with Jenkins and docker
  • Created and scheduled spark jobs in Airflow

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Preferred Language

  • English - Fluent

Available Timezones

  • Australian EDT [UTC +11]

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  • Eastern Daylight [UTC -4]

  • Central Daylight [UTC -5]

  • Mountain Daylight [UTC -6]

  • Further EET [UTC +3]

  • Australian CDT [UTC +10:30]

  • Eastern European [UTC +2]

  • Dubai [UTC +4]

  • New Delhi [UTC +5]

  • China (West) [UTC +6]

  • Singapore [UTC +7]

  • Hong Kong (East China) [UTC +8]